5 Myths of Breast Cancer You Need to Bust Today!

by Rohan Khandelwal Breast Surgeon

Gone are the days when a myth could survive any longer. The medical facilities in India have gone through tremendous change. And this has led to the identification of various ill-factors and also provided curable solutions. When technology stands so advanced as well, there is still a mass of people that are unaware of numerous things.

According to the best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi NCR, there is still prevailing several myths that keep women from getting the right treatment.

In such circumstances, the following piece of article is recommended to you for busting the top 5 myths surrounding this topic. This article aims to leave an informative impact. So, even if you find it unnecessary, keep sharing this content because someone out there might be in need of this.

So, are you ready to explore more about breast cancer today?

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1.      Men Could Never Have Breast Cancer!


Well, this is not true. Even though, women are at high risk of having breast cancer. We cannot ignore the fact that approximately 2,190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer among which almost 410 men die. And especially when breast cancer has surpassed the records of lung cancer, it is not just about women anymore. Men are too at high risk of the same.


2.      Breast Cancer is Known to Be Contagious


According to the highly reputed breast cancer surgeon in Delhi NCR, breast cancer is nowhere a virus that spreads from one person to the other through any sensory organs. Breast cancer results due to uncontrolled cell growth which doesn’t spread to other bodies but to oneself.


3.      Deodorants are the Reason for Breast Cancer


Breast cancer, as mentioned earlier is an uncontrollable growth of mutated cells. And as per the NCI (National Cancer Institute), there is no scientific evidence yet to prove that deodorants can cause breast cancer. There is no link to it at all.


4.      Mammogram Harms Body


A mammogram is like taking an x-ray of the breast area to identify the growth of breast cancer cells in the early stage itself. This is nowhere harmful states every hospital that provides the best breast cancer treatment in Delhi. This is an essential thing that needs consideration. As a mammogram check-up is a must it can grab more insight into your present condition which is a must.


5.      A Lump in the Chest Means Breast Cancer


This is a false statement and shouldn’t cause much stress. A lump could be a reason for the cyclic period. And it might shrink away after your menstrual cycle. Sometimes it could be non-aggressive cells that are out of other reasons. Only a small percentage of breast lumps are detected to be breast cancer. So, rather than making assumptions, it is important to consider a check-up.

And even if you come across one, do not lose hope. As of today, India is capable of helping you deal with such major cancer diseases. You just need to find the best surgeon that can give you the right treatment at reasonable fees.

What matters is your stage of cancer. If you detect the condition in the early stage itself, then you have higher chances of recovery. By the last stage, you might have low chances, unfortunately.

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