5 Myths About Lift Kits

by Charles Willian Automobile
There are many aftermarket modifications that truck owners can do to provide a different look to their vehicle. Among them, all the most common is lifting your ride. Suspension lift kits not only lift your car or trucks but also enhance the performance and appearance. When it comes to adding a little high above the ground for your ride, a truck leveling kit is the desired method. The truck lift kits are safe to use and provide you the ground clearance. There are some weird myths about the lowering kits for trucks that you might believe. But the good news is not all of them have merit.

Truck lift kits damage brake lines.

Well, let's kick this up with a no, a truck lift kits do not affect the factory rubber brake lines. According to professionals, the hard lines on the frame connecting to the master cylinder are usually coiled and have more than enough length to accommodate some inches. These kits help to avoid any vibration problems that can occur with a straight brake line. In the place where the rubber hose attaches to the steel lines on the axle, some kits may provide an extensive bracket to help support the existing brake line, but a longer hose isn't necessary.

Most of the troubles associated with this myth occur when off-road enthusiasts combine a body-lift with a full suspension kit.

After lift kit installation, gas filler tubes are hard to replace 

This fact can be correct, as some suspension lift kits that do not include a new gas filler tube extension. However, in most cases, the factory tube is long enough, but still, some models require an extension. Lately, suspension lift kits come with an extensive gas filler tube extension that easily fits between the factory filler tube with hose clamps.

The vehicle feels heavy with truck lift kits installation.

The fact is any vehicle that is lifted can feel top-heavy. It is directly proportional to the type of vehicle and how high you are going. It is due to the rise in the center of gravity and tipped depends on the type of vehicle. Body lifts raise the vehicle's cab, remaining the suspension and frame in stock locations. A suspension lift lowers it so that both mount and body are lifted higher. And with the addition of tires of larger diameter tires, your raised vehicle's center of gravity changes, which can provide an anxious feeling.

But the fact is that it depends totally on the types of off-roading you are out to choose whether to install a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit. Well, if you like to install a larger tire than stocks, then the suitable option is to go for a body lift kit as in this scenario, it will provide you more fender clearance. On the flip side, if you are out for some serious off-roading and you need more articulation and axle control, along with sustainable approach and departure angles, then a full-suspension truck lift kit installation comes into play and acts better than a body lift.

One can lose steering control with lift kit installation

About this situation, you must be aware of the fact it's not true. Yes, it does sound dangerous, but let us explain; with a proper steering column extension, there can be some steering issues. Poorly made steering mention would break wear or even can fall eventually. To avoid such a threat, manufacturers like performance accessories that are delivered with each kit with a high-quality CNC machined steering extension. Each extension goes through numerous tests during the machining process that ensures that it fits accurately and dispenses you with a reliable service.

The body will come off the frame in a collision

Doesn't it sound like the most ridiculous myths, but many individuals claim that it's true? Well, there is no such incident ever where a body separates from the frame, but the truth is that it is impossible to separate the two with the truck lift kits. One more fact is there are 12-16 body mounts on most pickups and other sport utility vehicles, so it would require an incredible amount of shear-force to rip the body off the frame in a head-on or rear-end collision. Companies have to maintain the-National Highway Safety Traffic Administration rules. Therefore the automobile frame is designed to withstand the impact of the strike. Although the body of pickups can be heavy, it will not out-weight the frame, axles, engine, and transmission, which faces much more momentum than the body. Besides, there is a vehicle crumple zone in the fenders, hood, engine compartment, and the cub is designed to absorb the impact that minimizes the shear-force. It also holds as a crucial factor on rollovers, as the window frame and doors will crumple to absorb the force of impact, resulting in minimal damage it may have on the body mount bolts.

Still, the fact remains as some individuals built their body lowering kits for trucks out of steel tubing or aluminum, often more than five inches. It can be scary, and probability added to the validity of this myth. The truck lift kits are used nylon reinforced, polyurethane body blocks that are extracted by using very high pressure and temperature to make them robust, which is absorbing the energy of impact more efficiently than steel or aluminum.

Well, in the end, we will suggest that you consider a professional to resolve your queries. Do not believe in myths, and if you are looking for a truck lift kits, then go ahead. Thank you!

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