5 Most Expensive Auto Repairs

by Lary Cook Sales Manager

Keeping the car maintained for a prolonged period of time requires a substantial investment of money and effort.

But not all repairs cost the same. Few can put a  dent on your wallet heavily. And these repairs exclude the labor cost. Taking the labor cost into consideration, the amount rises exponentially!

5 Most Expensive Auto Repairs

1. Engine

If you see black smoke coming from your car or hear a knocking noise under the hood, chances are that your car engine is starting to give up.

Oil leakage can be the other reason for an engine malfunction. As the oil is spilled, the components start to go through a lot of wear and tear due to friction. Thus, causing engine malfunction.

You can expect anywhere between $1000 and $4000 for the engine repair.

2. Cylinder

While an engine is the driving factor of a vehicle, the power generated by the engine is supplied by the cylinders.

Coolant leakage is one of the most common causes of a deteriorating cylinder. If the cylinder head is severely cracked, then you’ll have coolant leaking out of it, in addition to oil.

Getting a cylinder repaired may cost you close to $8000 on average.

3. Camshaft

A camshaft is used to open and close valves in the cylinder head. Problems in gear shifting, poor acceleration, and bad mileage are indicators of a bad camshaft.

If it gets clogged, you’ll have to shed close to $3000 to replace it.

Dust and debris are the main culprits for this malfunction.

4. Suspension

The main function of a suspension is to provide a well-balanced grip between the road and the car.

Rash driving or potholed streets are the major reasons for its malfunction. Uneven bounce, excessive swaying, and leaking shocks are the common indicators of a bad suspension.

The price of its repair depends on the vehicle that you’re using, but it usually costs between $350 and $3000.  

5. Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is responsible for maintaining proper air-fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine.

If you’re driving and suddenly the car starts to lose acceleration, then the chances of your car fuel pump being damaged are really high. The only way to fix them is a replacement.

$600-$1800 is the usual cost of its replacement.

What’s The Solution For These Expensive Repairs?

Although auto component failures can happen anytime, we still can avoid them with regular auto repairs.

Regular repairs not only keep the car parts in an ideal condition but also helps the parts that have started to deteriorate and need a replacement.

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