5 Most Common Warehousing Problems and Solutions

by Hughesh D. Business Consultant

Warehousing is simple and easy for outsiders because they take it just placing of goods on racks categorically and take out the same from there when required. However, insiders of this industry have issues while storing products and managing the same. Managing a warehouse has always been challenging, and disruptions in technology and inventory management are playing a significant role to make it more challenging. 

Here are some typical warehousing problems with their suitable solutions:

 1. Imprecise inventory

Incomplete records come into light when a warehouse professional tries to retrieve products from an expected location. The professionals have no idea about the change of position of particular products. Their efforts and time go in vain while doing manual checks or trying to solve the issue, leading mis-picks or a delay in shipment.   

Several of these issues are the result of burdensome manual processes that cause inaccurate inventory. One effective solution to this warehousing issue is the installation of custom warehouse management software. 

2. Poor utilization of space

In the initial stages, many businesses just store their products without thinking about the proper usage of the available space. The rise of eCommerce has created an urgency to attain an appropriate utilization of space so that more products can be stored. 

With the use of a personalized warehouse automated tool, you can analyze the data to find out the items frequently picked-up, rearrange the same accordingly and minimize the distance travel while retrieving the same. 

3. Product diversifications

Typically, businesses have issues in the classifications of goods that cause problems in storage and retrieval. A well-designed warehouse management tool helps you carry out product classifications more comfortably.

 4. Redundant activities   

The presence of unnecessary handling of goods causes problems to many businesses in their warehouses. Some warehouses have duplicate data and irrelevant information on inventory due to manual processes. Duplication of data or wrong entries is timewasters. With the implementation and use of a dedicated automation tool, you can quickly get rid of excessive or unnecessary works inside your warehouse. 

5. Mismanagement of seasonal demands

How do you manage your product storage for seasonal demands? Some of configure your store as per your peak demand and leave the same underutilized for most of the time in a year. With the use of new racking and pallet flow systems, you can boost your storage and management of your storehouse for specific or seasonal demands. 

Besides, you have issues with high labour costs, product damage, handling of returned items, and retrieval of stored goods. All these store management issues are optimal, and you can easily sort out them with the automation of your store or fulfilment centre. You can get in touch with a professional provider of warehousing services for your product storage and management.


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