5 Most Common Myths and Facts about solar?

by Loom Solar India's premium Solar Brand Store

 These days you must have heard a lot about solar or solar panels, how do you know what is facts or fiction? We would guide here about solar myths and facts. It will help you in taking decisions during purchase of solar system for home.

Myth 1: Solar Panels don’t produce energy in the fall and winter season.

Truth: One of the biggest misunderstanding about solar is the belief that you need to have warm, sunny climate, such as Chennai or Rajasthan. In order for the panels to be most effective, while its true that sunny environments provide optimal conditions, the reality is that solar panel perform better in cooler conditions.

Why it happens? The energy efficiency of solar panels declines as temperatures increases on higher side, Photovoltaic solar panel produce energy most efficiently in cold temperatures.

It means, environment that are both cold and sunny, provide optimal operating conditions for solar panels, even cloudy conditions are not an obstacle for solar power generation. Diffused sunlight can still help power your home. Cloudy days typically produce about 10 to 20 percent of the power generated on sunny days.

The key takeaway here is that living in a cold place like hill stations, doesn’t prevent us from joining the solar.


Myth 2: Home solar systems are too expensive

Truth: Here at Loom Solar, We will only recommend a home solar system that will help you to save money from solar, or we will guide you to buy those system which works perfectly where there is no electricity available like villages, farm houses, rural schools where you get solar at optimum cost and it fulfill your needs. Besides, we help you to install solar system where you can sale excess energy to grid. Here you can purchase it online using EMI facility, Loan etc. Here, We take care of all paper work for net metering, subsidy, and maintenance, so all you have to do is sit back and get advantages of solar.


Myth 3: I can’t move it after installing home solar system

Truth: Innovation exist, things change. That’s why have a team of expert system integrator who help to transfer existing solar system to new location. Besides, if your house is installed with solar system, and if you are willing to sell it then 20% faster chance to sell compare to other owners.


Myth4: Solar Panels are complicated and high maintenance

Truth: Another big misconception is that it is too much complicated in installation and maintenance. The reality is solar panels are maintenance free and require nothing more than an occasional cleaning of solar panels. Besides, we at loom solar, do designing, installation, finance, insurance, monitor and maintain the panels on your roof so you as customer don’t need to do anything.


Myth5: Solar Panels will become outdated quickly.

Truth: Customer always think that they would need to replace their panels often to increase energy efficiency. However, like home appliances, solar panels are a long term energy source and it life goes to at least 25 years. In fact solar panels those made in 1980 are still working.

Now with this given information your future is looking a whole lot brighter, and if it sounds to good true, we are here to tell you that yes, its as good as it sounds.


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