5 mistakes to avoid as a truck driver when out on the road

by Eva Spenser Innovation

When you are a truck driver, you are responsible for the safekeeping of the truck and the goods that you are transporting. Unless you have the license to carry out such tasks, no driver is permitted to move from one place to another. 

It is important that truck drivers with truck licence in Mount Druitt maintain discipline while on the road but when it comes to a few of them out there, they believe that rash driving with such a large vehicle does no harm. It is known to harm their license while allowing it to get cancelled in certain cases. 

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to truck driving. 

Not following the set speed limit

Some drivers think that speeding and crossing the limit would make them reach faster. Well, what they fail to realise is that a certain speed limit is set for all for a certain reason. There are times when you are speeding, and you have to suddenly bring your car to a halt either due to a disturbance in the road ahead or probably a problem with the truck functionality. A speeding truck above the set speed limit would halt with a loud screech and in turn damage the truck engine and other parts permanently. 

Using the mobile phone for texting 

When you know you have to drive, make all necessary phone calls and send across messages to people before you start off. The reason being that mobile phones are a distraction, and when you use it while being on the road, you are likely to witness accidents especially when holding it in hand and paying attention to the screen rather than on the road. Most collisions take place like this whereas either one of the drivers was using their mobile phones.  

Rash driving 

When you as a truck driver fail to obey traffic rules, the drivers on the road are always at risk. Not paying attention to traffic signals, making serpentine ways through other vehicles on the road and getting involved in minor accidents do not show good of an actor. Rash driving for those who handle such a large vehicle is fatal. 

Being distracted 

While it gets boring when you drive for long distances without being entertained, munching food or probably listening to loud music can be distracting. There are times when you are changing playlists or probably leaving the steering to open up food packets, that is when things go haywire. You lose control over the truck and end up in an accident. 

Not looking at the mirrors

Truck drivers with HR licence in Parramatta think that since they have the larger vehicle amongst other cars, they can all that they want when on the road. They do not understand that the other vehicles can be in trouble or probably collide with theirs when they do not follow a designated path. Mirrors help in understanding the position of other cars and accordingly drive on the road. 

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