5 Major Roles And Responsibilities Of NGO

by Kanan James NGO INDIA

NGOs in India or Non-Governmental Organisations are played a major role in the social development and community improvement. They actively work to promote human rights, environmental, social or even political causes that are necessary for the nation to develop and improve the quality of life. NGOs or NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations), as they’re also called, have played a major in role in a developing country like India. Providing basic amenities to the underprivileged, education to the orphans, healthcare to the old and shelter for the displaced, the list goes on. But what does an NGO do and what are its role and responsibilities? Let us elaborate some of the main activities:

Creating awareness

Awareness is a critical aspect that differentiates a nation, a state, a community or an individual from one another. The scope for information technology is colossal in a developing country like India and NGOs ingeniously use all the available resources to spread and curb the issues to civic amenities to every household with the help of traditional, electronic and new media. Understanding the demographics of a place and targeting the younger generations, who are more active on the internet and social media, NGOs disseminate new as well as recurring pieces of information that adversely affect the downtrodden and how we as individuals can help them along with the NGOs to put an end to this.

Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment is a very crucial thing in today’s times. Industrialization and globalization are on the rise and has paved the way for global warming and emission of carbon footprint. In accordance with the last point, NGOs do a lot for the conservation of the environment. Conducting educational programmes, filing Public Interest Litigations, providing expertise and policy analysis, voicing for the support of environmental defenders and many other functions define the responsibility of NGOs as protectors of our natural habitats which are being destroyed day by day.

Protection of human and animal rights

NGOs are known for their vigorous work for advocating and fighting for the rights of not just humans and but for animals as well. Non profit organisations mobilize public opinion, investigate human rights abuses and file cases for the aggrieved and bring in help from influential people and financial institutions and media. Animals too are heinously tortured, manhandled and killed so there needs to be an authoritative response from their side in order to peacefully coexist in the environment. NGOs have wholeheartedly taken steps to voice their concerns for the cause because of which animals become recipients of abhorrent tortures and serious action is taken against the perpetrators.

Empowering Women

Women empowerment is a major issue that has been in the limelight exponentially since the last few years. Compared to the last century, the women of today are more liberal and informed. They are independently working on all sectors adding value to the economy of our country. NGOs have majorly contributed to the success of the women in our country. Over the years, they have provided continuous support to women from disadvantaged communities, by providing education, creating welfare programmes, elaborating the ill-effects of exploitation, child labor, sanitation, and gender-based issues, etc.

Senior Citizen Health Care

Since the population is ever increasing, the number of people aged sixty or above is also on a constant rise. Bringing out and highlighting the socioeconomic and health care problems of the senior citizens are among the major contributions by NGOs. Not just in cities but in rural areas where aged individuals, below the poverty line, are suffering due to lack of accessible medications and welfare, NGOs give their best to provide with basic facilities and bringing help to them rather than the other way round.

As social work organizations, NGOs have a tremendous role to play to make an enormous impact on the overall development of the country. Whether it’s health and hygiene, literacy and education, conservation of wildlife, poverty alleviation, refugee crisis or any other issue that affects the overall the quality of living and Human Development Index. Do you agree with the above points highlighted? We are eager to hear your feedback.

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