5 Health Benefits Of Chocolate

by Leonidas Kestekides Bouquet of Chocolates and Corporate Gifts

Introduction - 

Are you one of those many people who can be termed a chocolate connoisseur? Well, who does not like to have a bite of chocolate now and then? Everyone enjoys having chocolates but while having a bite or two we sometimes may feel guilty about it. Because sugar and milk seem to be just too high in calories. 


But this is not true at all; in fact, chocolate is proven to have several health benefits. But to get those benefits out of your chocolate you must have a high percentage of cocoa in it and that can only be found in luxury chocolates


Lose Weight while eating chocolate -

We commonly assume that apart from feeling good on our taste buds there are no such health benefits of having chocolates. You should restrict yourself from having too much chocolate especially if you are trying to lose weight. But dark chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa in it and can help in the process of weight loss. Having a bite 20 mins before the meal is proven to cut down your appetite by a significant amount.


Chocolates are nutrient-dense -

Chocolates are a good source of Magnesium, iron, manganese and various other types of nutrients. This is also known to be a very good source of dietary fibre. But to get all of the nutrients out of your chocolate you must buy dark chocolates with at least 70 to 85% of cocoa in them. So, next time you are going to a chocolate shoppick up the ones having less sugar and more cocoa in them.


Rich source of antioxidants -

Everyone knows the importance of antioxidants more or less. Dark Chocolates are full of potent antioxidants. Hence, they prevent free radical damage effectively. Luxury chocolates in high quantities act as an anti-aging and anti-cancer component in our body. The antioxidants present in dark chocolate are higher than any other sources found in nature.


Helps improve the function of the brain -

Cocoa rich dark chocolate works as a great stimulant that helps improve brain function. The    caffeine present in it is proven to fight severe mental health conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer's disease. These components increase blood flow to the brain and result in the rejuvenation of brain cells. For all these reasons, we may easily term dark chocolate as the brain superfood. 



Eat chocolate to get glowing skin -

Did you know that antioxidant-rich dark chocolate promotes healthy and glowing skin? All the essential flavonols and other micronutrients present in chocolate can even protect your skin from sun damage. Moreover, the increased blood flow due to the presence of stimulants provides you with healthier and plumper skin. So, next time try heading towards a chocolate shop rather than going to a beauty clinic to get glowing skin.


Curb Your anxiety and be happy -

It is very common to grab a piece of chocolate whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious. Chocolate is known to be comfort food. It can do so by reducing the production of cortisol also known as the stress hormone. It can help you calm down when you are having anxiety and can make you feel happy.


Improves heart health and promotes blood circulation -

Antioxidants are proven to have a substantial role in improving heart health. It increases blood flow to the heart by relaxing the arteries. Other than that, consumption of dark chocolate reduces heart health risks by increasing the HDL level and lowering LDL level. 



If you are looking for availing the maximum benefits of chocolate then you must buy luxury chocolate with high content of cocoa in it. Whenever you are buying chocolates from a chocolate shop make sure to check the sugar content mentioned on the label. Look for dark chocolates with little to no sugar and no milk. Try to buy the ones with at least 70% of cocoa in them.

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