8 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Children to Teach Inclusiveness

by Viki Adams Freelance Writer

What is inclusiveness, and why is it essential for your children? The answer to this question is straightforward. Inclusion educates your children on values of diversity and develops friendship skills, positive self-image, and respect for others. It is important for both with and without disabilities. You must develop good communication skills with your children to develop a sense of diversity in them. Following are some fun activities that you can do with your children to inculcate inclusiveness in their mindsets:

Learn Old/New Skills

There are several old skills that your children need to know. In this modern world, they are totally losing touch with old traditional skills. In order to do this effectively, you must participate with them and set an example. Children follow their parents so help them by performing different activities such as:


It an exciting hobby that your children must do as it is a great physical activity. Play different games like you can ask your children who will pull the most weed every week and who so ever wins will get a gift. You must also help your children in different activities by allowing them to plant an indoor garden, creating a fairytale garden, giving them quality garden tools and clothes, and much more. This teaches them to be responsible and love nature in all its forms.

Animal Care

Involving your children in animal care is the best way to teach them inclusiveness as children want fun in everything. Please give them a pet and help them in making a pet house. Teach them how to put water and food in a pet dish. Make them animal doctors to teach them how to take care of animals. Teach them that it is an excellent gesture to treat your pet with love and care. This will teach them the values of care and empathy.

Map Reading

In this modern time, children, instead of reading maps, use GPS for finding any location. This is your responsibility to develop an interest in map reading by starting it with a smaller map. The most significant benefit of map reading is that it produces a sense of the world in them. Play any exciting game with your children to build their interest. You can draw a floor plan and play an easy treasure hunt map game. This is an excellent way to introduce them to the diversity in the world.

Arrange Planned Activities

Art is meditative for your children, so you need to develop an interest of art in them by teaching drawing and painting skills. Provide your children best colors and paints so that they find it exciting to do such activities. There are various ways of painting that your children must like, such as; cool off with ice paint, give your kid a coffee mug to paint, hand painting, and much more. By doing such activity together, they will learn the lesson of togetherness. In addition, it develops unity and love between them, which is a good way to embracing inclusion. You can also try getting a smorgasbord of different snacks from around the world to teach your child about the different things people eat. These Jamaican snacks are a great way to start a fun activity with your kid!

Play With Legos

Legos are colored plastic bricks that indulge children in different exciting activities. They are suitable for your children's brain as they help by crushing stereotypes to build their spatial abilities. They are the best for learning information about math, science, technology, and much more. You can help your children in playing with Legos together by giving them clever picture puzzles, building Lego balance, measuring everything by using Legos. By doing such activities, children get to learn about working together. It is the best thing for kids with disabilities, especially the ones with no vision. You can teach inclusiveness to your children from a noticeably young age with the help of Lego. It helps to strengthen their active, experimental, and problem–based learning. Lego is also great for kids with social difficulties and learning disabilities as it improves fine motor skills and brain development of children.

Teach Them About Charity

Donating your things to needy people is a good gesture towards inclusion. It is your duty to enlighten your children about charity. There are various ways to do that. You can make this thing enjoyable by performing fun activities to teach them that their single act of kindness can change the whole life of others. If you have a passion for doing charity, your children will definitely be interested in this. Try to donate your clothes, raise money for charity, and give food, education, and many more. Make it interesting for your children; help them make DIY charity boxes, let them see you while dropping money in a charity box, helping out your neighbors, etc. You can bake anything with the help of your children, and then you can give it to needy people and try to spend time with them as well. This develops the interest of charity in your children.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is an excellent activity to improve nonverbal communication skills. This is a simple game that teaches about emotions and facial expressions. There are countless eye contact games that you can play with your children that include; missing child game, staring competition, face painting, robber winking game, and much more. These are fantastic listening games for developing eye contact. You can even use puppets, toys, and props to play this game. Playing games is one of the best techniques to build inclusiveness in your children. Apart from that, there are various benefits of eye contact, such as increasing intimacy and strengthening trust. Encourage your child to look into your eyes as it is healthy.

All the activities mentioned above are pretty refreshing. It helps your children to learn about inclusion in life. Want to make your children a good person? Then your guidance and appreciation are all they need. Inclusion opens the door to a massive number of opportunities for recreational experiences and develops self-esteem, good physical and mental health.

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