5 Fruits That Must Be Avoided during Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, what you eat will largely impact your health as well as your baby’s well-being. So, if you follow a healthy diet every day, you will have a healthy pregnancy, and your baby will grow properly inside your womb. However, to meet your nutritional requirements, you should eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. But there are some fruits that are considered to be unsafe to consume during pregnancy. In this article, brought to you by the highest-rated early pregnancy scan clinic in Milton Keynes, we will tell you about 5 fruits that you should avoid eating during your pregnancy.

1.      Pineapple- Pineapple holds the very first position on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. The scientific reason for not consuming pineapple during pregnancy is pineapple often leads to sharp uterine contractions which in turn can result in a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Apart from that, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein in a would-be mommy’s body. It softens the cervix and could result in early labour or pre-term birth. This is why doctors and midwives recommend avoiding consuming pineapple during the course of your pregnancy.

Fruits for Pregnant Women: What Should Expecting Mothers Eat

2.      Papayas- Although papayas are rich in macronutrients and vitamins which are necessary for our bodies, they are one of the fruits that are not advisable for pregnant women. Papaya might cause your body temperature to shoot up and it is not at all good during pregnancy. Besides, this fruit is rich in latex which can lead a pregnant woman to uterine contractions, severe bleeding, and eventually miscarriage. Papayas may also restrict the development of the foetus, so they are better to be avoided during pregnancy. However, a pregnant woman should avoid consuming both ripe as well as unripe papayas.

Fruits for Pregnant Women: What Should Expecting Mothers Eat

      Watermelons- Usually, watermelons are considered to be good for the human body since it enables the body to flush out all the toxin elements while regulating hydration. But consuming watermelons during pregnancy might expose the baby to the various toxins that the watermelon flushes out of the body. Apart from that, if a mommy-to-be consumes watermelons in excess, the sugar content may rise in her blood. Even, sometimes, the diuretic properties of watermelons can flush out the essential nutrients along with the toxins from a pregnant woman’s body.

4.      Bananas- You might be a bit surprised to see this humble fruit on this list of avoidable fruits during pregnancy. Although consuming bananas during pregnancy is generally considered to be safe, they should be avoided in certain selective cases. Women who suffer from allergies and women who have diabetes or have developed gestational diabetes recently are advised to avoid eating bananas during pregnancy.

5.      Frozen fruits- Any fruits that are frozen or freeze-dried should be strictly avoided by expecting women. Frozen fruits might often create toxins in your body. As a result, your baby might be at high risk. So, it is always good to eat fresh fruits rather than frozen fruits. Stay away from any fruits that are frozen or canned with a lot of harmful preservatives.

Now that you have got to know which fruits are not safe for consumption during pregnancy, avoid them at any cost for the well-being of your baby. For more important information or suggestion, see your healthcare provider or visit any Fatal Health Scan clinic in Milton Keynes.

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