5 Fantastic IoT Solutions In Healthcare Industry

by Jignesh Thanki SEO Expert

Since the inception of the Internet of things, It has been making a serious impact on every industry. And no Industry can deny this fact wherever Internet of things went, it left it’s Midas Touch. IoT Solutions has even evolved the healthcare industry and served millions of lives.

According to a new Grand View Research Inc., IoT in the healthcare market is expected to reach nearly USD 409.9 billion by 2022. With technologies like Mobile app development, IoT Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, AR-VR, Chatbot development etc., the future of healthcare industry is advancing and changing continuously. For example who knew that AR-VR can be used for remote surgery and medical learning purposes also?

With the use of these IoT based healthcare solutions, there is an exceptional prospect to improve the quality of treatments which will eventually improve the health of patients. IoT in healthcare solves some of the major problems for people like the skyrocketing R&D cost and rise in the cost of healthcare amenities, Shifting demographics to emerging markets, the Aging population which is in dire need of personalized medication facilities.

Five IoT based App Solutions for Smart healthcare:

Wearable apps for Monitoring of patient’s health statistics

Remote monitoring is an important application of the Internet of things. Using Internet of Things, you can give adequate healthcare to the people who are in immediate need of it. Wearable App Monitoring solutions in the healthcare industry can help the doctors to monitor the health of any patient even if he’s not present at the hospital. Healthcare app will provide the regular variation in the health of the patient. These IoT solutions are capable of applying complex algorithms and analyzing the data of patients. So, that the patients receive proper attention and medical care. The collected information of the patient will be stored in the cloud. Through remote monitoring, the patients will have to stay at the hospital for less time. Whenever there is a change in the daily activity of the person, alerts would be directly sent to the concerned person and family especially for old people. And these Remote monitoring are available as wearable also so can be taken anywhere.

IoT application for Hand Hygiene Compliance

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, about one patient out of every 20 gets infections from lack of proper hand hygiene in hospitals. Several patients have lost their lives due to unhygienic conditions which lead to infection. Here, IoT healthcare application can help by coming up with the solution in real time whenever the doctor/nurse comes near the patient without washing their hands then the sensor would beep. Hence, reminding them to maintain the hygiene.

IoT Solution based Blockchain Initiatives

The same technology, that can be used for various IoT healthcare solution. Apart from banking and finance, Blockchain technology can be efficiently used in the healthcare industry as well. Blockchain services can be used for protected transactions, safe storage of data, and transparency in the flow of data. For secure transaction and storage of data, Ethereum can be used which is a decentralized platform where applications run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud through proper authentication of whoever access the data. Transaction Between major industries to the Hospital now can be secured using Blockchain services.

Real-Time Location System And Services

Even routine Medical check-ups consume a huge sum of bucks, which can be resolved through IoT healthcare application by regular checkups from the hospital to the patient’s home. Helped living offices will most likely be unable to oblige each senior native who lives alone. Consequently, medicinal care suppliers can recognize the ones who are sufficiently sound to remain in their own homes and help them utilize GPS tracking solutions to monitor their well being. By checking their condition progressively utilizing the information gathered by those gadgets, they can right away take care of the ones who require it.

Track equipment usage

Upgrade the hospitality of patients by maintaining the records of how the resources are used with the help of sensors which can monitor the level of usage of services like washing stations, maintaining room temperature etc. Connected IoT based healthcare apps can improve transparency of processes so that decision-makers can now obtain a clear view of redundancies. Know how IoT works are envisioning healthcare optimization with the power of IoT.

Why IoT in Healthcare Industry?
Innovating new products and technologies and integrating them in the healthcare industry is the reason behind the rapid transformation. With digital solutions at the limelight, we are moving towards a completely new era of patient treatment, monitoring and managing health.

Through the mhealthcare technologies developed using internet of things, Industries can reduce the cost of treatment with effective use of asset and resources and hence increase the productivity. With the help of sensors and the internet, the industry can track the devices/objects which will generate a analytics and real-time insights and hence help in making smarter decisions for the industry. The progress and convergence of data, processes, and things on the internet would make such connections more relevant and important, creating more opportunities for people, businesses, and industries.

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