5 Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Italian Marble In Bangalore

by Munira Ahuja Home Design Consultant

If you desire elegant and a sophisticated look for your home, marble stones are your best choice. Marble comes in a variety of colours that features distinct patterns and textures. Being a versatile material, you can fix it however you want. They are carved out as elegant tiles and slabs, mosaics, countertops, bathtubs, basins, tabletops, home decoratives, statues and more. 

When you are out purchasing marble slabs or products in Bangalore, make sure you buy the best and quality products. Few manufacturers supply fake marble slabs instead of genuine ones. You might not be able to distinguish between them and invest, thus putting you at a loss. 

It is important to research before selecting the best supplier in the market. You can google marble shop near me and come across some best options in Bangalore. If you are looking, manufacturers like Sipani Marbles are the leading marble supplier in Bangalore who supply authentic marble slabs and products for your home.

Moreover, to know how to select the supplier, here are few tips for all homeowners and interior designers looking for the best deal. 

5 Tips For Buying The Best Marble Stones In Bangalore 

Always buy marble with ISI standards.

You always wish for a good quality lifestyle. Be it food, clothes, electronic gadgets, cars and other needs, you neither want to compromise with your health nor the lifestyle. Then why not choose marble slabs or products that are well-checked, tested and meet the ISI standards? 

Generally, when manufacturers import stones from other countries like Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, China and others, they need to meet ISI standards. It is the international benchmark in determining the quality of the stone. As mentioned before, Sipani Marbles is one of the best marble suppliers in Bangalore that imports marble with ISI standards. The stones are shipped with full safety and with prior inspection of everything. 

Check the authenticity of marble. 

Marble comes in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns. Ranging colours from white, black, brown to beige, green red and more, it features all kinds of veining patterns. It is therefore difficult to gauge the authenticity of the stone.  Replicating marble textures is impossible. Some suppliers try to replicate their colours and patterns that only an expert can point out. Moreover, no two slabs are ever the same. Make sure you are purchasing it from authentic sellers and not the fake ones. 

Look for affordable marble products, not cheap. 

Affordable products are key to anyone’s heart. Marble, without any doubt, is an expensive building material. It was popularly used since ancient times for building famous monuments and statues. Therefore, it has high demand all over the world. Italian marble especially is expensive due to its historical significance and beauty. 

Generally in India, factors that affect your buying cost are colour, design, shipping charges, installation fees and maintenance. Suppliers like Sipani Marbles supply the best Italian marble in Bangalore. With an exquisite collection of coloured marble stones, they offer affordable products to design your abode.

Know the difference between cracks and fissures. 

Shipping marble slabs altogether from a different country can be a difficult task. Due to improper handling in the shipment process, it can crack easily. Do not confuse cracks for fissures. A crack is a sign that the marble slab has been handled carelessly. However, a fissure is naturally occurring openings in the stone. These fissures do not affect the aesthetics of the stone at all. 

A supplier might fool you and sell cracked slabs telling it as a genuine one. However, A marble expert can only tell these two apart. Moreover, an authentic supplier will never supply damaged products to its customers.


Maintenance is the key to durability. 

Proper maintenance of anything for that matter, increases its lifespan. Marble is a natural stone. It is a sturdy and durable stone that has been used since ancient times. However, it needs special care and daily cleaning. You need to regularly sweep and twice or thrice in a week mop the surface with mild stone cleaners. 

Moreover, during installation, sealing surfaces like countertops, flooring, facades prevents any damages. 

Final Thoughts 

You can visit Sipani Marbles in Bangalore and explore their beautiful collections of marble stones. Visit their website for more information on their manufacturing process and products. 

For further queries, get in touch with us. 

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