5 Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Participating in a triathlon takes a lot of strength and effort in order to succeed. While it takes months of specific training to prepare yourself, we’ve put together some simple at-home exercises you can do to help prepare. If you are unable to make it to your favourite triathlon coaching Melbourne session, never fear. So long as you keep up the momentum and work out where you can at home, your training won't lose track. 

Here are our favourite tips and tricks: 


Before you start exercising anywhere, a sound warm-up is necessary to ease your muscles into it and avoid any unnecessary injuries. When warming up it’s important to start with stretching. Stretch out the muscles that you are planning on targeting in your workout. Ensure you’re not overstretching them or trying to push too far. Remember your workout hasn't even begun yet so there is no need to go too hard too fast. If stretching isn't for you you can also try a foam roller. This helps iron out your muscles and targets them deeply. It helps release tension and avoid knots. This is a great way to target injury-prone areas too.


If confined to training at home, your focus should be on building the strength you need. Creating a strong foundation for the exercises you will need to do in your triathlon. Below are our favourite strength-building exercises that will target the areas you need most:

Kettlebell Swings:

In a squat position, swing a kettlebell from between your legs below your body, to above your head and lower back down repeating the process. While there is inevitable momentum in this exercise, try to slow it down and control it to get the most effect on your muscles. This is a great exercise for triathletes. While challenging it’s one with a great payoff. Take the time to ensure your posture and form is correct in this exercise before adding reps or weights. This is a great way to strengthen your posterior which will help when it comes to long stints on the bike. 

Reach, Roll, Lift:

For this exercise start on all fours with a neutral spine. One at a time, slow and controlled, reach one arm forward with a flat palm. When your arm is outstretched, turn your palm to the side, and lift your arm to shoulder height. Hold at the top, lower slowly, and repeat on either side. This exercise targets muscles like your mid and lower traps which you want to be strong in order to excel in all three areas of triathlon. As much as this exercise is a strength booster it is also hard to master. It requires you to keep your head in a neutral position and get your mid-back and core working. Don’t rush while doing this exercise, take your time and try to do it slowly and controlled to engage your muscles fully.

Down Dogs:

This exercise is a great way to stretch and warm down. One of the most popular moves in yoga, the downward dog is a stretch to actively reset and recover. This is a great exercise for triathletes who have just started working out to avoid injury or strains.

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