5 Employee Wellness Tips

by Jade Lu Journalist

More and more companies are beginning to shift their sole focus on attaining financial results, to also directing major consideration towards employee wellness. Employee wellness involves supporting healthy behaviours in the workplace to promote and support positive lifestyle change, both in office and out. Not only will effort towards your staff improve employee satisfaction, but also provides a functional benefit of boosting productivity and performance. Here are top 5 tips to improve the wellbeing of your employees.

1. Create a program - To keep tabs on your employee wellness, create a program and record the range of activities that you plan to implement. This way, you will be able to make sure that your staff are engaging in wellness activities on a consistent and regular basis. It is important to develop a routine with your employees, so they will be able to remind you and an actively engage in wellness activities. Make sure that you relate your program to your organisational culture to meets the needs of your employees. Develop a range of creative employee wellness ideas that are personalised to your type of your organisation. Your employee wellness program can be used as a promotion incentive when valuable applicants are applying to your company. The more emphasis you have in improving employee wellness, the higher ability for you to attract top talent.

  1. Fitness events - Wellness can also be improved through offering opportunities to participate in fitness. Engage your staff in monthly or weekly corporate team sports. You may also involve your staff in corporate relay runs for charity events. This is a great way to not only build teamwork skills within your company, but also provides networking opportunities with companies also participating in the corporate fitness event.

  1. Relaxation - It is essential to create a safe and comfortable office environment where your staff can work to the best of their ability. Ensuring that your employees can clear their mind and be rid of stresses and pressures can enhance performance. Organising team relaxation sessions such as yoga or meditation is a great way to improve both mental and physical health through calming exercises and breathing techniques. Relaxation can also assist employees to better communicate within the office as well as improve presentation skills through a developing a cleared and sharp mind. A pamper session is an effective way to reward your employees. Booking an in-office massage or even awarding a paid spa-day away will allow your staff to recover and return ready to work productively.

  1. Health Promotion - Health education should not conclude at schooling but should be continued and consistently reminded well into adulthood. Both physical and mental health are issues that can be confronted at any stage of your employees’ life, where continued health awareness and preventative education is required. Provide brochures or leaflets regarding services that your staff can access if in need of health assistance and support. You can also link your employees to educational videos or infographics as a fast and effective way to share health information.

  1. Health snacks - Snacking in the office is increasingly common, which can cause negative health behaviours if choosing to consume sugary and fatty foods daily. Encourage your staff to switch from opting for artificial snacks to fruits and vegetables as healthier alternatives. Offer a wide array of health foods and mix up the variety every week. Take into consideration the preferences of your staff and any dietary needs. You can also promote healthy home cooking by providing a kitchen that allows staff to prepare and heat up their own sandwiches and lunches. Rather than eating out for weekly team lunches, you may instead organise an in-office cooking session where your co-workers can learn to cook healthy home-made meals.

Discovering ways to improve employee wellness in your office will allow your employees to be better engaged with their work and thrive with their role. Which tips will you use develop employee wellness and work to the best of their ability?

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