5 Effective Reasons to Hire a Strategic Planning Consultant for Your Business

by Jackson William Blogger
A strategy consultant helps the organization plan the future development process of its business functions. They also analyze their clients’ business environments and research market trends and economic, political and social development factors that could impact them in the future. 

A successful company understands the benefits of working with strategic planning consultants who can help identify long-term opportunities for growth. They bring a fresh and independent viewpoint and a proven planning process to support smart decision making for the firm’s direction, make a competitive business strategy, and develop a sound strategic plan. Here are some reasons for hiring them: 

  1. An Experienced Consultant Adds Value

    Strategy session run by an executive generally turns into a staff meeting, and the status-quo doesn’t get challenged, and group thinking goes unchecked. Some sensitive issues are carefully avoided and the organizational weaknesses don’t get addressed.

    The strategic options are not thoroughly explored and it prevents the organization from identifying the new opportunities and reaching its potential. An experienced strategy consultant brings knowledge, methodology, and fresh perspective and helps staff to reach organization’s potential. 

  2. Facilitating the Process

    A strategy consultant provides an effective process to analyze and understand the business, its competitive position, strategic options, and a way for developing a sound strategy that will take the business to the next level.

    And in the role of meeting facilitator, a consultant makes sure that the planning sessions are productive, on track and everyone on the planning team is focused and actively involved.

  3. Asking Probing Question

    The strategy consultant needs to ask tough questions, to maintain the integrity of the planning process and prevent it from becoming a token effort. They are serious about their role as a business advisor and don’t avoid stepping on toes. So, it is important that the key issues are exposed and discussed in a professional, mature, and rational manner. 

  4. Challenging the Status-Quo 

    Challenging the status-quo is a critical facet of effective strategic planning and if it’s a non-starter, the key issues that stand in the way of change and improvement will never get addressed. In this situation, it is pointless for the firm to conduct strategic-planning. 

    This is not until the company’s culture has matured and the status can be openly questioned and sensitive topics can be conversed without fear of effects, and so evolving a competitive business strategy becomes a valuable activity. 

  5. Conducting an Honest Assessment

    A strategic planning consultant conducts an objective, thorough and candid assessment of the business. And they should always call it as they see it and not be concerned about anyone getting upset. This is also most important that difficult matters get discussed and the need for real change explained if the strategic planning effort is to be successful. Leaving sensitive issues unaddressed avoid real change from taking place.  


A strategy consultant can continue to advise the firm during the execution phase to make sure the implementation of strategic plan stays on the track. If you think this is the time to course a new chart for your business, then consider hiring strategy planning consultants to help you make smart decision about your organization’s future. 

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