5 Early Sign Of Autism In A Toddler - Consult An Early Intervention Center In Delhi

by Rahul Singh Content Writer

Usually, babies and toddlers are not lazy- they may be just quieter, more still by nature. If your toddler is lazy or doesn’t response much to you or other family members. There is a possibility that toddler is in the early stage of the autism. If you feel your child is not behaving as he supposes to behave, educate yourself about the symptoms of autism. The more you know, the sooner you can get your child the help he or she needs.

It’s a high time to take an action. Read the following early sign of the Autism and watch your child closely.

  1. Interact with your baby- The typical infant is a social creature by nature and loves to make eye contact. An autistic infant may appear like they are not interacting with parents or may look "inattentive" to parents. Your child avoids eye contact is the early sign of the autism.
  2. Smile at your baby- A smile from Infant baby makes parents day more cheerful and complete but an autistic baby doesn’t smile even to a parent and don’t offer warm and happy expressions even after the by six weeks of age or further.  
  3. Play with your toddler- By age’s two to three; a typical child will be very interested in playing games with parents and others. But an autistic toddler may appear disconnected from the world, or deep in thought. Don’t take your child’s non –involvement in play as his laziness or unhealthiness. 
  4. Try some expressions- Determine if your child takes phrases literally. Make faces at your baby. See if they mimic you. An autistic child may not participate in playing copycat. An autistic child tends to misinterpret body language, the tone of voice, and expressions.
  5. Make some noises- If your toddler doesn’t cry or give a response to the noise created by you or toys. It means he is in the early stage of autism. Do not delay if you find your child expressionless or inactive.

Experts from London Learning Center (LLC) advise parents to keep an eye out for these common signs around the time their baby is 12 months old and to talk to their pediatrician if they have any concerns. Early intervention Delhi centers will help you to recognize the early signs of autism and diagnose it at an early stage.

If parents find all above-mentioned sign in your child, it’s time to take professional help for your child. You can find the center of autism intervention Delhi.

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