5 Common Mistakes Done while Starting Digital Marketing

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Mistakes done in Digital MarketingFind out what are the most common mistakes when starting with Digital Marketing and how you can avoid them.
When a company begins to implement digital marketing strategies, it will likely fall into practices not entirely suitable for the success of its campaigns. Below, we show you what these most common mistakes.
In general, a Digital Marketing strategy is still something new for many companies, and not all of them generate results. 81% of Canadian companies are in a primary stage of digital transformation, and Digital Marketing is maintained as a new methodology. So there is still much to adapt, study, and test.
As a consequence, many young companies end up making basic mistakes when they start in a Digital Marketing strategy. So if they make a mistake, they can hardly measure and prevent the traffic and lead generation of the website, or increase it sustainably. That is why it is difficult for them to have a return on time and money invested in digital marketing.
It is essential to know where to invest the resources, indifferent to the sector of your company, and if you are making these mistakes, you can hardly analyze the data to reach the best conclusion. But don't worry; there is always time to rectify. Better late than never!

1. You have not researched the keywords for your strategy

How do you expect people to find your company if you don't optimize your website's keywords? These words are essential because they are the words that your target audience will use when they are searching for you on Google.
It is necessary to identify the relevant keywords, have a significant volume in searches, and are relatively easy to establish with a good ranking in search engines.
It is also essential to monitor the current ranking of each keyword, the amount of traffic it is receiving, and what is the conversion rate that this word has generated.
Performing a periodically and rigorously research process of keywords can have a positive impact 2 to 10 times on the ROI in Digital Marketing.

2. You have not defined your people

Who is the potential customer of your product or service? If you still don't have the answer, start now! It is no use having an excellent product if your company's marketing area is not communicating with your buyer persona. 
When a company has not defined its people, some of the probable consequences is that there is a very high acquisition cost (CAC), challenging to close businesses and, possibly, churns (resistances) due to sales made to the wrong public.
You will ask yourself, "What is a person?" In a fast and straightforward way, a person is the definition of the desired client, with all its main characteristics. It is not necessarily classified by sex, age, or region, but rather by their consumption habits and personal preferences.
Defining people is a fundamental step so that your marketing team can reach the right people and for your sales team can receive proposals aligned with the company's values.

3. You are not producing content

We usually say, both here on the blog and for our clients, that the material is the gas of Inbound Marketing. This is because the content attracts new users, and to generate new leads, it is necessary to have content that guides these visits to your proposal.
If there is no content creation in your company, you may be missing business opportunities. A Digital Results Marketing strategy is intrinsically linked to content production for several reasons. Between them:
  • The content serves as ammunition for users on social networks
  • Relevant content generates links, the premise of any SEO job
  • The production of your own content makes your company become a market reference.
Content production is an essential Digital Marketing tool. It is the method with which your company can receive more organic visits from search engines, thus becoming a market reference in which it manages to maintain a relationship with its audience at all stages of the purchase process. Undoubtedly, a decisive factor in decision making and very influential at the time of purchase.

4. You are not generating leads

It is a widespread occurrence. Companies develop a web page, create accounts in social networks, invest in content, SEO, paid links ... and in the end, they are satisfied with generating many daily visits. However, all this is indifferent if they fail to create business opportunities, and this is the leads.
It is nothing new to say that the buying cycle has changed. Already today, the role played by the seller is not to control the entire purchase process. This responsibility lies in the marketing department since much of the consumer purchase decision is consolidated before contacting the company. Thanks to a large amount of information available on the internet and the proactively of the users themselves in finding information about specific doubts, the seller's role in the purchase cycle decrease.
Therefore, a company's website has to impart a commercial role, especially in complex sales products (such as service providers, for example). In such cases, the potential client needs to study beforehand the need for the solution, the benefits it will obtain, how much energy it will have to invest, etc.
Without a generation of Leads, your company will not be able to obtain the necessary contact information to establish a relationship or be able to convert that relationship into a sales opportunity.

5. You have no optimized landing pages or proposals

The lack of optimization is a prevalent mistake. We will rarely see optimized action calls or suggestions, as well as conversion pages. Most introduce a button that says "contact us" and wait for someone to do it. This is the equivalent of having a store and asking the cashier to remain in the corner of the store, with his eyes closed and a plaque that says "just come closer if you want to buy something."
It is essential to understand that someone will not contact you unless they have seen that you can help them solve their problems or have a product they need. Many companies use links such as "ask for a demo" or "free diagnosis" to get attention. However, this is just another way of saying, "contact us to talk about buying our product/service."
Your proposals have to be relevant to the challenges that your potential customers face.

Educational offers are always a good idea. They provide visitors with what they are looking for and also allows you to classify potential customers and capture relevant contact information so you can feed them with pertinent information.
It is also essential to understand that it is not about having one or two proposals. Have several recommendations that resonate with your audience, and that can help you understand the correlation of your product/service with its challenges and objectives.

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