5 Clear Signs In Your Palm Which Says You’ll Have Ill-Luck

by Albert Stokes Digital marketer

The main focus of this post is to discuss  about those 5 common signs in your palm which suggests that you will have bad luck and obstacle troubles. It explains each sign lucidly to give readers a proper understanding. Go through the post carefully and you will hopefully learn something.

Just by looking at lines found at the palm of both right and left hands; one can learn a lot about a person and the kind of luck s/he bears. Those who specialise in the art of palm reading even use it to learn about someone’s future- be it regarding their health, happiness and success.

The concept of palm reading is an ancient practice which its specialists used to make predictions found all across the sphere in vivid cultures. Moreover, this skill also helps us know in advance about any obstruction and occurrence of ill-luck.

The field of palm reading is, indeed fascinating. And what’s more interesting is – certain signs in your palm which these experts believe to cause or bring ill-luck to that person.

Check Out These 5 Palm Signs Which Indicate Bad Luck

·         The Barrier Line –  This particular line consists of a right angle when entering the palm line and in theory it indicates a possible accident or some troubling obstacle coming soon.

Also, these experts will use the flow-year method to determine in which year will you face obstructions.

·         The Island Sign – The island sign in the palm is never a good sign. In theory, whenever this sign appears on the palm; luck is believed to be at its lowest point.

Like if you’re a student; you can get news of poor results. If you’re in love; you will learn about your partner’s unfaithfulness; and so on!

In such situations; you have to stay strong- mentally and physically. Plus; you will have to cultivate your abilities. Eventually, the bad time will pass and your luck will improve.

·         The Circle Line – Whenever this sign occurs on a palm; it is indicative of negative influence on the located mounts. That said, if the sign appears in the mouth of Jupiter; then chances are that it will have a positive impact.

To get a clearer idea of the outcome; its best to visit a quality and certified palm reading specialist in Las Vegas for a more accurate reading.

·         The Health Line – The health line mainly begins at your palm’s base and stretches out to the mercury mount. The word is, whenever someone’s suffering from bad health, this line appears. That’s a common tell which palm readers look out for as they are referred to as bad-health line.

So, if you find that the health line in your palm then you have to recall which risky habit of yours could prove dangerous to your life.

·         And Of Course, The Cross Lines – In words of  palm reading experts in Las Vegas; this particular sign consists of two lines which intersect each other. Now, if the sign gets seen in the mount of palm line; then it may lead to unwanted troubles and obstacles for that stretch of time.

Also, if there’s the presence of any black mole in the palm, that too indicates that the concerned person will undergo obstacles and troubles too! In simple terms, the colour black in this field denotes ill-luck and a sign of bad things to come.


If you wish to know more about what the lines in your palm tell you, then schedule a session with a palm reader today.


The author being spiritual by heart like covering topics psychics, palm reading and other spritual services to educate interested readers- just like the post above. With that, the author also loves to eat, travel, cook and indulge in all kinds of water sports. 

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