4-Stroke vs. 2-Stroke Motor – Choosing the Ideal Motor for a Bicycle

When you go back to the history of automotive industry, there are two types of gas-powered combustion engines, like the 2-stroke and 4-stroke. As the name suggests, you may know how both the engines operate. However, engines are the power producing systems of every vehicle. From the affordably-priced to expensive ones, every vehicle has one thing in common, i.e. engine. Check out this post to find the best Motor for a Bicycle.

“Stroke” is nothing but the movement of piston in the engine. 2-stroke means a stroke in each direction. A 2-stroke engine has a compression stroke followed by an explosion of the compressed fuel. During the return stroke, the new fuel mixture is inserted into the cylinder.

A 4-stroke engine has a compression stroke and an exhaust stroke. Each stroke is followed by a return stroke. The compression stroke compresses the fuel-air mixture before the explosion of gas. The exhaust stroke pushes the burnt gases out the exhaust.

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke – Getting the Perfect Motor for a Bicycle

The 2-Stroke is a better-looking motor when you’ll look at it. This motor is smaller in size and adheres to the lines of the bike, which makes it look like a mini motorcycle. There are more important benefits of 2-stroke motors including the dependability.

The main downfall of the 2-stroke is heat and vibration. The nature of this motor is very simple as there are no valves available to allow the gas inside and exhaust outside.

These ports are generally built inside the motor so that there is less moving parts, resulting in less control. However, 2-stroke motors can produce a lot of power when tuned perfectly; but will need a mechanical help when things rattle loose or burn up after 30 minutes of wide open throttle.

When it comes to 4-stroke, usually the Honda, Heushang 4-stroke motors are generally used. The 4-stroke motor is more controlled as there is a presence of valves that control the inflow and outflow of the exhaust or mixture.

The four-stroke motor has more torque and is quiet. There’s am oil reservoir so you don’t need to add oil to your gas. It means you can pull up to a gas station and pay only $2.00-3.00 USD to fill up. This can take you about 75 miles.

The 4-stroke engines don’t heat up and you can ride them forever. Even, the vibration level is very much less as the motor remains stable – which makes for a more comfortable ride.

All these things discussed, four-stroke motors maintain higher efficiency over 2-strokes and can produce more power than its counterparts.

So Which One is Better?
At the end, the winner is probably going to be the one that has more money and technology invested on it. Currently, the quick and cheap international production schedules, you can’t take it for granted that which one will be better.

So for your particular use, you should make a decision between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke motor for a bicycle.

Conclusion –

Are you interested in Motorized Bicycle? And looking for an affordable transportation? Do you want something to set you apart from all normal gas bikes, mopeds, or motorcycles?

You should invest in gas-powered motorized bicycle. However, a Motor for a Bicycle is a must. No matter whatever you make the choice for your Motorized Bicycle, it will go beyond and above your expectations. Start shopping for a 4-stroke motor best suiting your motorized bicycle today and you won’t have any regret at the end.

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