4 Things to Avoid the Next Time Your iPhone Witnesses Water Damage

by James Spencer Blogger

Every one of us have had those moments when we are clumsy and the iPhone go into a toss in the bathroom. Our habit of not letting the phone be even when we are in the bathroom wouldn’t go away so easily. 9 out of 10 people have dropped it when they are in the bathroom while some have even accidentally jumped into the pool with their phone still in the pocket.

The water damage caused is irreversible as thing get difficult from thereon. Water tends to seep in and into the parts while causing major functional damages. Experts for iPad repairs in Wollongong agree that while you cannot undo things and what is done cannot be brought back to normal. Despite all of these, there are a few mistakes people tend to make right after water contact. These are the things that you should avoid the next time anything happens to your phone.



  • Avoid Putting the Phone to the Charging Point

We all know that water and electricity aren’t friends and so when your phone is wet inside out, putting it on charge can cause further damage to the extent of allowing the chip and motherboard inside to burn. If you can remove the battery from its place, do so and if you cannot figure out how to do it, switch off the phone. This will prevent the phone from further damage.

  • Using Your Phone for Normal Activities

Whether you are making a call or want to switch on the camera for a selfie, you are doing wrong to your phone. While there is water still inside the circuit tends to get damaged especially when you are commanding the phone to make a cal, or probably take a photograph. Avoid doing any actions with the phone and let it be until there is a repair expert in rescuing it.

  • Avoid the Rice Container Trick

While it is true that rice sucks in moisture and so putting your water damaged phone in the box might help, it will only get rid of the water that is on the surface. What about the water that has seeped into the motherboard and corroded the metal in it? The rice will not be able to help in that case. Therefore, allowing a professional to open it up and check it is a better trick. When water seeps into the processor, it causes corrosion and leaving it in the rice container allows it to deteriorate further.

  • Trust an iPhone repair centre

It is important you trust a reputed centre for iPhone repairs in Dapto when it comes to caring for your mobile phone. They know the technicalities involved in bring it back to life and preventing further damage. If the damage is excessive, they would replace parts or probably repair existing parts that are damaged. This would ensure that you do not have to spend money on buying a new mobile phone. Look out for a reputed centre where you can ask friends, associates or colleagues to help you out.

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