4 Reasons why you’re struggling to lose weight

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If you don't understand why you're witnessing the numbers on the weighing scale rise, there can be a number of factors behind it. Why is this even relevant, you ask? Because being on the larger side of the weight spectrum can certainly take a toll on your self-confidence and morale. Being overweight isn’t just about the looks, though, and you may even be at a risk of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

If you’re not observing any improvement even after exercising vigorously, you can take into account the following guide to examine the most prevalent speculations why women struggle with weight loss and how you can resolve them.

You’re not eating right

Redundant calories in food will inevitably attach to your weight. The main culprit behind this can be wholesome foods. Processed food – whether coined healthy or not, can increase your weight. Most of these treated foods often have high sugar content, which is responsible for increasing cravings and weight gain. You can fix this by cutting back on foods that are packed with carbs and fats.

You’re not exercising right

Not all exercises are formulated equally. Many high-intensity exercises, if done in excess, can provoke adrenal hormone production which may prompt your body to store fat in lieu of burning it. You can fix this by adding in fat burning exercises to your workout program. Some of the best exercises to lose weight include cardio, aerobic, yoga, etc.

You’re not sleeping well

It’s no secret that sleep is crucial for our body and brain to function ideally. If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, it is likely to hinder with your weight loss. Sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on your weight as it can impact the metabolism and add to your appetite. It can also make you feel lazy, increasing fast-food craving. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is vital if you want to keep your weight in check.

You eat when you’re stressed

If you turn to food to alleviate tension or deal with bad emotions, it could lead to your diet or workout failure. Eating carefully can help in the situation. Determine whether you’re actually starving or just striving to avoid challenging emotions or situations.

Once you have established the reasons behind your weight gain, you can start working on them. You may also want to consider hiring a personal trainer in Boston in order to work towards your fitness goals effectively. A personal trainer can screen you – your eating habits, medical conditions, daily schedule, past workout history, etc. in order to create a practical weight loss routine that works.


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