4 Real Benefits That Graphic Design Brings To Your Small Firm

by Liz Seyi Digital marketing manager

It might be easy for some small business owners to regard graphic design as almost frivolous, compared to many other aspects of Internet marketing for SMEs. After all, isn’t it really just about giving your organisation a presentable face?

In truth, the sheer ubiquitous nature of graphic design in today’s world – encompassing not only websites but also the likes of brochures, flyers, packaging, signage and social media advertising – should tell you something slightly different about its continuing influence.

Here, then, are just four of the key advantages for SMEs that do take seriously the potential and power of graphic design.

It improves brand awareness

How your brand communicates with its audience isn’t just down to the text that it uses; visuals are also key. Iconic brands like Nike and Coca-Cola have long used graphic design to capture attention from likely purchasers and entice them into turning their initial interest into action.

It embodies professionalism

Of course, all of this is dependent on the graphic design itself being professional. Nonetheless, graphic design is an aspect of Internet marketing for SMEs that can be instrumental in getting audiences to take such businesses seriously.

Remember that observers will instinctively associate the ‘vibe’ given off by your organisation’s logo and other graphic design elements, with all other aspects of how it conducts itself. If your graphic design looks sloppy or chaotic, for example, don’t be too surprised if your target audience tends to regard your wider organisation as being so, too.

It can be highly persuasive

One only needs to look through the legendary World War I recruitment posters, bearing slogans like “Join Your Country’s Army” and “The Empire Needs Men”, to appreciate the extraordinarily persuasive power that graphic design can have.

Today, persuasive graphic design may be deployed at least as often on product packaging as on military recruitment posters. Nonetheless, the art of imparting a message in graphic form to audiences to convince them to perform a desired action remains much the same.

It tells a compelling story

Every successful brand has a story that helps to answer potential customers’ “why” questions, and not just their “what” questions. Indeed, the brand stories to which customers feel they can best relate are also often those that are most successful in persuading them to buy.

Yes, the exact message that your brand communicates through its graphic design might differ from one design to another. However, by telling a consistent brand story – including through the colour and font choices that help to evoke certain emotions or associations – you’ll be able to exercise consistent power in how you engage and captivate audiences.

Is your firm’s current approach to graphic design its ‘weak link’ in its efforts to appeal to its target audiences? If so, PENNInk Productions is ready and waiting to advise and assist you as far as this key aspect of Internet marketing for SMEs is concerned. Simply call us now, on 020 8144 7931, for further information.

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