4 Party Game Ideas For Grown-Ups

by Emma Jaxon Women Business Enterprise

Summary: Now that you’ve selected the menu, set up the guest list, and even picked out invitations, it’s time to choose what to do for entertainment. You should try the following ideas.


Now that you've ascertained the menu, set up the list of guests, and picked out invitations, it’s time to turn your attention towards entertainment. This part of the arrangement may seem a bit difficult to manage, especially when you’ll be inviting adults. As you’re about to host a soiree for grown-ups, the following game ideas for adults will surely start talking. They may even lay the ground for a couple of explicitly adult conversations. These ideas will work as icebreakers when every attendant enjoys their appetizers, or to can save them for later so that everyone gets a chance to participate after dinner and dessert.


Two facts and one fiction: This conversation party game is quite easy to play with friends over dinner plates. Better known as Two Truths and a Lie, this game requires nothing more than a drink and a colorful imagination. This drinking game incorporates going around the table where the first individual will disclose two facts and one fiction about himself/herself. The next person in line has to guess the lie. If the guess turns out to be the right answer, the first individual will get to drink. However, if the second individual’s answer is incorrect, he/she will be the one to drink.


Never Have I Ever: Here’s another conversation party game that involves drinking, but no special equipment. You just need your memory and a bottle of every adult attendant’s favorite beverage. Of course, a person’s memory won’t be reliable if he/she drinks too much, but, as you know, one can always pick a game, but can’t change its rules. Once it starts, every player has to hold up five of their fingers, and one by one, everyone will start by saying “Never have I ever” and add something they never did. For instance, you can say, “Never have I ever attempted skydiving” or “Never have I ever made up a story about being sick to skip office.” As soon as a player confesses something he/she never did before, another player who did it has to lower one of his/her fingers and chug down a drink. The player who puts down all fingers will lose.


Guessing correctly: This one is perfect for big groups with several players. However, you’ll need at least one stack of sticky notes and a pencil or pen. Once you have what you need, write the name of a renowned personality on each note and stick it to the back or forehead of a guest. You must do it for every guest. After that, they’ll walk around the room and socialize with others while being the famous individual whose name will be on the note. So, for instance, if someone has a note saying “Sylvester Stallone,” another guest will attempt to come up with a famous dialog from one of the star’s films. The only way to win it is to guess the name of the popular personality written on the sticky note based on the dialog.


Charades: Everyone knows what this one is all about. You simply have to divide the attendees into two groups and ask someone from each team to write the clues on a piece of paper. Depending on what they write, a member from the other team has to act it out and take a guess. It’s best to use two hats to keep the clues in two designated places. Every member of every team will take turns to act and guess. The opposing team, of course, has to remain silent. Just don’t forget to set a timer to make things a bit more challenging.


Final words


There’s no need to make it a night with loads of fun-filled activities for the dinner get-together. Just select one of these ideas and use it to initiate conversations.

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