4 Important Steps to Start Your Spring Lawncare on the Right Foot

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

With Spring in full swing, homeowners are gearing up to begin the next season of lawncare. Sure it's an "all year" thing, but there's something special about a well-groomed lawn in the Spring and Summer. For those looking to improve their green thumb, here are some tips to ensure a spectacular Spring lawn launch.

Stop Weeds Before They Start

Once seeds from weeds are allowed to sprout, a homeowner’s troubles are merely going to get more frustrating. The solution is a pre-emergent product to stop weed growth before it starts.

"No-no" to Low Grass

As beautiful as a low-cut lawn looks, it's actually a big no-no. Grass that is too short uses more energy to live due to insufficient energy received by photosynthesis. Homeowners are encouraged to cut no more than 1/3 of their grass. For those with no time to be doing math with lawn care, you can always hire a professional.

Know the Soil

If there are problem areas in the lawn such as moss and bare patches, homeowners will want to run some tests on the soil. After running these tests, which homeowners can easily do on their own, they will get the information on the soil pH. The soil pH represents the measure of the acidity or basicity of the soil. A homeowner can then take those readings to the local county extension office and/or an agricultural agent and they will in turn put the homeowner in touch with soil laboratories.

Water Responsibly

In order for a lawn to grown properly, water is required. Most homeowners might think that they can blindly water their lawn as they see fit whenever they see fit. This would be a disservice to the lawn. Homeowners should water their lawn deeply and not as frequent as one might be inclined to do. Depending on the soil and grass, the homeowner should water accordingly to get the most growth. Overwatering can promote shallow roots. Also, make sure to fertilize your lawn at the right time. According to the lawn care people over at Giroud Tree and Lawn, your fertilization schedule depends on your grass type and the season you are fertilizing in.

These are just a few tips on how homeowners can get started with turning their lawn into a visual masterpiece. By preemptively attacking weeds, learning the soil, not cutting the grass too low, and watering responsibly, homeowners can kick off their lawn season with a bang and be the envy of the neighborhood. Enlisting the help of professionals can also aid homeowners to that sweet nirvana of lawn care bliss.

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