4 Critical Factors Behind High Surrogacy Success Rates in India

by Shivani Sachdev Surrogacy Centre India

Over the past decade, India has become the leader of the global fertility industry. Clinics in India offer the best assisted reproductive technology (ART) services in the world. From in vitro fertilization (IVF) to preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Indian clinics offer all types of ART services. These clinics also boast amazing surrogacy success rates in India.


Here are four critical reasons why surrogacy services are so advanced in India –


New Regulations Makes Surrogacy Procedures Safer 

The new Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill launched in 2020 makes surrogacy an ethical, moral, and safe procedure. It protects surrogate mothers from getting exploited by nefarious agencies. The bill also preserves the rights of unborn children. According to the new Surrogacy Bill –

·         A national surrogacy board will be installed by the central government. It will oversee all state surrogacy boards and appoint expert regulators to manage surrogacy processes across the country. 

·         Couples seeking surrogacy have to offer compelling reasons for wanting children via surrogacy. 

·         Surrogacy clinics have to be registered with appropriate authorities to carry out surrogacy-related procedures.

·         Insurance coverages for 16 months need to be provided to the surrogate mothers. These coverages protect them in case they suffer from emergency medical conditions or complications. 


These regulations have made surrogacy by ART much safer. More couples feel confident about surrogacy procedures. Aspiring surrogates also feel safer going into these processes. More importantly, top surrogacy clinics that follow all the rules are able to perform better procedures.


More regulations lead to more complications in surrogacy procedures. Loosening of regulations leads to high surrogacy success rates in India.


Stricter Screening at Clinics for Applicants

Another key reason why surrogacy success rates in India are so high is strict screening for applicants. Surrogacy clinics in India only consider applicants for whom it’s physically/medically impossible to bear children. 

·         The couples are legally bound to accept the custody of their surrogate children, even if the children have abnormalities/disabilities.

·         Couples/individuals are not allowed to retain the services of multiple surrogates at any given time.

·         Couples are not allowed to simultaneously transfer embryos in the surrogate and the woman. Only surrogates are allowed to carry the pregnancy at a given time. 


In India, couples can only go for surrogacy when their medical/physical conditions completely rule out natural or assisted conception. Applicants must prove that they’re unable to conceive for legitimate medical reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why modern-day couples are unable to conceive – 

·         Multiple Miscarriages

·         Multiple failed IVF

·         Endometriosis

·         Pelvic inflammatory disease

·         Uterine conditions (e.g., Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome) 

·         Diabetes 

·         Epilepsy 

·         Heart conditions (cardiomyopathy)


Careful selection of candidates is one of the leading reasons why the surrogacy success rate in India is so high. 


Stricter Screening for Surrogates 

Thanks to new regulations, the surrogate screening process in top fertility clinics has become stricter than ever. Clinics try to rule out any potential surprises by conducting - 

·         Thorough background checks of the surrogates, their family members, their educational backgrounds, etc. 

·         Clinics conduct multiple medical tests on surrogates, including – blood tests, tests for STDs, COVID-19 test, Pap smears, hysteroscopies, etc. 

·         Clinics also conduct psychological evaluations that include – psychiatric evaluation, IQ tests, emotional well-being assessments, etc. 


The surrogacy success rate in India is high because the top clinics do everything possible to select the finest surrogacy candidates. 


Technological Advancements

Surrogacy has always been one of the most effective ART treatments. This fertility treatment has improved with technology. Even the couples who pay relatively less for surrogacy packages receive high-quality services. Advancements in gestational surrogacy technologies have also made surrogacy procedures much more efficient. 


These are the top four reasons why more surrogacy procedures are leading to successful outcomes.

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