4 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your PPC Campaigns

by Abhishek K. Digital Marketer

PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns are one of the cost-efficient methods that drive quality traffic to the website quickly as well as increase sales and conversions. Being immune to SEO changes, PPC is that digital marketing tool that can swiftly promote your business to your potential customers directly. However, the process is not as easy as it may sound. If you are new to some of the key concepts of PPC, such as its settings and strategies, chances are you might end up making big mistakes.

Where some mistakes could have short-term implications, certain mistakes could have a long-term effect on the performance of your account. To help you steer clear from making such campaign blunders, here are four common mistakes which you must avoid in your PPC campaigns:

1. Making use of broad match keywords

In the initial steps of starting a PPC campaign, you would be given a choice of four match types- broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, and exact match. At all costs, always avoid picking the broad match keywords. This is because it would allow Google to show your ads on irrelevant topics that would eventually lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversions, and wastage of money.

You must always pick the exact match for those keywords that are 100% relevant to your niche and phrase match or broad match modified when you don’t want to miss out on relevant searches you didn’t think of.

2. Fusing display and search within the same campaign

You are on your way to starting a new campaign, and get presented with two options-

  • target only search network
  • target both search and display network

At this point, make sure that you don’t select the option in which both the display and search would get targeted. Why?

Well, for starters, they can become extremely difficult to manage since both networks perform in different ways. Second, their combined analytics can manipulate the data if you review the performance of the entire campaign.

You must be careful when managing the budget of your ad campaigns as it can backfire. If you do not have any PPC expert in your team, consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

3. Ignoring ad-extensions

If you are ignoring ad-extensions, you are potentially leaving out the opportunity to get higher positions for your ads. If you don’t include ad-extensions in your PPC campaigns, the visibility of your ads would get reduced.

Moreover, since these ad-extensions enable you to include your phone numbers and address, ignoring them would mean missing out on potential leads. Most of the experts recommend starting with site links and callout extensions since they are easy to work with.

4. Publishing ads with boring content

It is important to remember that the attention span of an average person today is 8 seconds. So, you are working with not only limited space but also with a limited attention span. If within such limitations, you fabricate ads with boring heading and content, the click-through rate of your ad would be significantly low.

So, your ultimate goal should be to create ads that incite your target audience to click on them. The most idyllic way to write exciting ads is by following a few basic rules, such as including facts and figures, writing eye-catching headlines, and incorporating Call-To-Action phrases, whenever possible.


A well-equipped PPC strategy can work wonders for your business. From giving a boost to your website traffic to enhancing your conversions, PPC campaigns can bridge the gap between you and your next customer.

To ensure that you can execute your PPC strategy flawlessly, make sure that you avoid these four mistakes. Moreover, you should also ensure that you have a robust landing page in place that determines whether the potential customer that has clicked through your ad would convert or not.

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