3 Ways to Make the Most of Polyethylene Extrusion Lines

by Super Mac Extrusion Machines Manufacturer & Suppliers in Ind

A large number of things should be set up to accomplish what is called proficient extrusion. For an excellent and stable process, you need skilled individuals running the line and dealing with the activity. The hardware provided by any leading thermoplastic machine manufacturer must be in the best of its shape as well as condition, an extensive preventive upkeep program should also be set up, and the gear configuration should also permit productive activity. 


Effective extrusion on all types of polyethylene extrusion lines requires great assembling and operational discipline with individuals focusing on more details and continually attempting to accomplish the required upgrades. Fruitful extrusion isn't tied in with doing a few things right—it's tied in with doing many things right.


3 Major Components required for effective extrusion on any polyethylene extrusion lines 


An effective and efficient extrusion process requires appropriate instrumentation. Here, the most critical process variables include:


  1. Melt pressure
  2. Melt temperature, and
  3. Motor load. 


All of these are considered the most vital signs of any extrusion process for any polyethylene extrusion lines provided by any leading thermoplastic machine manufacturer. They should be measured, controlled, and monitored continuously keeping in view the following parameters:


  • The temperatures of the dies and the barrels to be used
  • The speed of the screw
  • The flow rate of cooling water through feed housing
  • Water inlet temperature at the feed housing
  • Power consumption in each heating or cooling zone
  • Relative humidity and ambient temperature 
  • The temperature of feedstock entering the extruder
  • The moisture level of feedstock entering extruder (if hygroscopic)
  • Water outlet temperature at the feed housing
  • Vacuum level at vent port (when applicable). 


Heat transfer in the feed also matters a lot in any polyethylene extrusion lines


The feed-lodging water stream rate in addition to delta and outlet temperatures permit quantitative assurance of the measure of cooling occurring. In case the cooling directs in the feed lodging develop calcium stores, heat move will progressively crumble, fundamentally influencing extruder execution. If the cooling pace of the feed lodging isn't estimated, it is hard to relate crumbling in extruder execution to poor heat move in the feed lodging.


Data acquisition (DA) capability is also critical


Data acquisition (DA) capability also plays a very crucial role in developing an effective and efficient extrusion process in the light of the fact that it maintains consistency in the process, optimizes the process, and also determines various things in troubleshooting. Fortunately, in today’s modern age of highly efficient computers and DA software solutions, it is feasible to install an effective data acquisition system on any existing polyethylene extrusion lines provided by any leading thermoplastic machine manufacturer.


The Bottom Line


Supermac is India’s leading thermoplastic machine manufacturer offering the world’s best polyethylene extrusion lines. The company manufactures and supplies Dry cure CCV lines for Medium / High Voltage cables, Triple extrusion line for Insulation of silane-XLPE cables up to 33kv, Insulation line for Building wires/Automotive wires, Insulation & Sheathing lines for Building wire/Submersible cables, Insulation & Sheathing line for Power cables, Sheathing lines for Optical fiber cables, Tandem extrusion line for Lan & telephone wires, Insulation & Sheathing line for THHN cables, and Tandem extrusion line for Solar cables. 


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