3 Tips to Wash Sofa Covers and Other Upholstery Fabrics

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How often you change your bedsheets? Your sofa covers also need to be washed or changed at a regular interval of time. A sofa is a place where dust and soil accumulate easily. With the right strategy and decent care, you can keep your sofa cover in good condition and with it ensures the long term protection of your sofa.


From careless drops of coffee to dog's dirty paws, which spread on furniture, dirt and spills on upholstered furniture are part of sofa covers become part of everyday life. Therefore, to keep the furniture in tip-top shape, washing upholstery should be a regular part of life. Washing your sofa cover seems like a simple task.

Some fabrics are machine washable. Check the manufacturer’s labels to know what cleaning methods and products suit the particular fabric.  If it is machine washable, so you can remove the cushion covers and wash them in your household washing machine. The care instructions can explain to you whether your favorite cushion Klippan covers from Ikea require a water-based cleaning product or a solvent-based cleaner made for dry cleaning only. This information is vital for maintaining the look, color, and texture of your furniture, as well as preventing unwanted stains.

No matter the process, these simple tips will help you how to wash the sofa covers and other upholstery fabrics safely and efficiently.

Washing by Using Machine-Washable

Before you wash the sofa cover, please determine whether you need to clean it by hand or in a machine. If you try to clean it using the machine, your cover should be colorfast and pre-shrunk. If these have not shrunk before, you may not be able to put them back on the cushions after washing.

Similarly, if they are not colorfast, the color fades quickly in the wash cycle. Check the manufacturer's label or tag to see if your covers are suitable for washing clothes. Test the color by rubbing a dry, white cloth on the surface. It also indicates its ability to hold hue. If the fabric leaves color, wash it by hand. Avoid using bleaching powder and hot water when cleaning in the washing machine.

Washing by Hands

When cleaning by hand, warm water and dish soap or laundry detergent is usually required. However, excessively soiled & dirty sofa or couch covers may require stain remover as well. One best solution to hand wash upholstery with a water-based cleaner is by using baking soda and vinegar.

To make a water-based cleaner, start mixing water and vinegar in a bottle sprayer, and then spray the solution on the covers. For some other linen, hand-washing is also better. Cleaning duvet covers at home should usually be cleaned with a water-based cleaner. Putting such materials in the washing machine usually damages the feathers or other sensitive contents inside, and leaves a lumpy comforter.

Dry-Clean Washing Only

One main problem that arises when cleaning microfiber is its resistance to water and stain. Although this is undoubtedly beneficial in most cases, it means only cleaning with a dry cleaning agent. A good way to clean microfiber sofa covers is to use a combination of alcohol and vinegar. To clean the microfiber with a vinegar and alcohol solution, remove the cushion cover and mix the various ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray the cleaning solution gently on the fabric, then scrub using circular motions.


How to wash sofa covers or couch covers depend on the fabric that your covers are made of. Some fabric could shrink after the first wash. You should ask your furniture store or furniture manufacturer about how to wash sofa cover or IKEA Klippan cover.

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