3 Tips on Pairing the Best Wine Based on Your Meal

by Rayanne M. Writer

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You love wine. It is the perfect addition when you are preparing a meal for a special occasion or at any time. You always have a few bottles on hand. What you need to realize is there is an art to serving wine with dinner. It shouldn't be a random selection. You might have a favorite, go-to wine you pour every night. It's time to think about which wine can really enhance your main course. There's a reason this alcoholic beverage has been a tried and true addition to tables around the world for centuries. Take 3 tips on pairing the best wine based on your meal.

Think Red Wine When it Comes to Red Meat

If your main course is going to revolve around red meat, such as beef, venison, pork, or lamb, reach for the red wine. Red wines that have tannins will complement hearty, rich meals the most. These include Bordeaux wines, wines from the Tuscan region of Italy that are based on Sangiovese grapes, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Tannins are a compound in the wine that will give it more texture. They also make your mouth feel dry. Not all red wines are created equal. Some will have more of a bitterness while others will go down like velvet. It all has to do with the maturity of the flavor. Take the time to sample a variety of red wines. Ask a wine enthusiast or the sales clerk at your favorite winery about top recommendations. Pay attention to cooking shows and the wines expert chefs enjoy. Include a variety of red wines in your repertoire as you experiment at home. As you dabble in pairings, you may take some of your meals from ordinary to over the top.

Seafood and White Wine are a Perfect Combination

If you are thinking about a sea-food dinner with butter, white sauce, garlic sauce, or lemon, white wine is the way to go. As a rule of thumb, white wine works well when you add a splash of citrus to your meal. Many dishes that revolve around fish, such as tilapia, tuna, or salmon, call for a dash of lime juice or lemon juice. Many white wines have a hint of citrus flavor blended in. They'll pump up your taste buds when you take a bite of your favorite fish. Other seafood options that pair nicely with white wine include fish tacos, cod, and shrimp scampi. Turkey and chicken are another match for your favorite bottle of white wine from wynwood wine.

Go by the Color of the Sauce When it Comes to Pasta

Wine and pasta are a classic combination. The secret is to know which wine you should choose with your favorite Italian dish. As a rule of thumb, think about the color of the sauce. Dishes that are covered in a tomato-based red sauce are best with a red wine. Red meat isn't the only good fit for red wine. The same holds true for filling pasta dishes that are heavy on the red sauce. If you are serving pasta with Alfredo sauce, white wine is best. Pasta with pesto sauce is a good match with a white wine as well. Pick out your favorite white wine when you are choosing a light blend of garlic and butter or oil with your main dish. Pasta dishes that are topped off with vodka sauce will be tastier if you serve a white wine. If you decide to serve a light meal, such as a salad, white wine is your friend.


The next time you are shopping for wine, think about your favorite meals. Use this guide as you make your selection for varieties that will complement the dishes you serve. Make sure you chill your wine before it is time to eat. Wine can dress up your table any night, give you a boost in spirits, and make your meal more enjoyable. Whether you are having a dinner party, eating with family, or on your own, don't forget the bottle of wine. If you choose wisely, you'll leave the table with a smile. You might pour yourself one more glass of wine after the meal is over so you can savor the flavor.

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