3 Tips For a Successful Startups

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The idea of start-ups is catching up, thanks to the many success stories we are hearing every day. When I was bored with my regular 9 to 5 job, all I wanted to do was something I like. But there were so many conflicting thoughts in my head. What to do, how to get started, whom to contact and most importantly how to find an apt Office Space in Andheri. While people are passionate about their start-ups in the beginning, in many cases this initial enthusiasm fizzles out soon. Even statistics prove that around 90% start-ups fail within the first 5 years without a trace. While there are no short-cuts or sure-shot ways of success, in this section we try to help you with some pointers on the right time to begin your start-up.

Lucky are those who can taste success without any setbacks. But these people are very few. In a city like Mumbai where even getting a living space can be a challenge, imagine the hardships you will need to face for getting commercial office space in Andheri East. Choosing office space can be quite a challenge. Choose as per your budget, prospective clientele, and the commercial aspects of the location. Chambers by the renowned Chandak Group is one premium Commercial Office Space in Andheri East which most entrepreneurs are making a beeline for due to its strategic location and the amenities it offers. 

Apart from the location, here are some other points that you must consider before you dive into the idea of your own start-up. 

1. Right Skills
The right skills needed for your start-up is very important. Either you should have theskills, or you need people with the right skills in your team. Most of these skills will differ from one star-up to another but some skills will be common to all too. You are the best person to judge the skills needed. 
A few common skills that are required are:

? Technical Skills as per the project/product or idea.
? Management and Leadership skills
? Critical thinking and problem-solving techniques 
? Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping
? Basic web development knowledge
? Using the right strategy and building effective business models

2. Manage the Finance

Money talks.Any start-up would take several months and sometimes even years to break-even. It is very important to be ready to manage your finances until then without losing track. Funding is very important for all new ventures. Always remember to plan for your funding and manage your finances wisely.
If you want your commercial office space in Andheri East to be a successful one, take note of the points below:

? You should keep a track of the day to day expenses, however small it may be.
? Take help from financial experts. They will be able to help optimize your expenses. 
? Make informed decisions. Think multiple times before you make the decision to buy a commercial office space in Andheri East. Explore other options like co-working spaces too.
? Always plan by anticipating a zero revenue. This will help you plan better in the longer run.
? Keep your team and support staff to the bare minimum.

3. The Right Team

A start-up is not complete without the right team members. While the thought process can be yours, you always need a team that can help you turn dreams into reality. Pick-up like-minded people who feel the same passion for your idea. The team must have a balance of enthusiasm, zeal, attitude, expertise, and camaraderie too. A team that works together wins together. 

Look out for the following when you build an effective team.

? Technical expertise and the years of experience
? Compatibility with the rest of the team
? Potential to learn fast
? Dedication level

An experienced and dedicated team can do wonders and bring in great results. Make sure you make the right team. Your team. Your family.

While there are many Office space in Andheri which house similar start-ups, the key to winning is the uniqueness of your ideas and how you implement it. If you are sure your idea is unique and sellable stick to it. Give your everything. Don’t let the negative thoughts and small failures hinder your vision. Take each setback as a stepping stone to the bigger things. Stay focused and continue to believe in your dream. 

Think big and then strive hard to achieve it. Something like a premium office space in one of the most sought-after commercial space. Imagine and work hard to wards this dream. Soon your hard work will pay off. 

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