3 Reasons You Need to Hire Professional Chimney Cleaning Service This Fall

by Daniel Morris Content Writer
The temperature is slowly dropping and the bright green colors of summer fading into the golden tones of fall. Autumn is coming, and with it you may be thinking about keeping your house warm with heat from your fireplace.
Hire a chimney cleaning service first.
Before breaking out the firewood, think about the last time you had your chimney professionally cleaned. If you did so after the last time you used it great, go ahead, open up that chimney for use today. But if you used your fireplace all winter and forgot about it once summer arrived, it’s important that a professional cleans your fireplace before you use it again.

Here are 3 ways hiring a professional to clean your fireplace before using it will benefit you:

1.    Avoid unwanted surprises.

The chimney system is difficult to see, so even if you cleaned your fireplace after every use there may be problems that accumulated without your notice. When a professional cleans your chimney, they can identify any issues that are otherwise easily missed. This includes problems that would really prevent you from enjoying gathering around your fireplace, such as the build-up of substances that block smoke from venting through your chimney correctly. Nobody wants smoke in their face when they’re trying to enjoy a warm fire!

2.    Save money.

Unattended issues in your chimney only get more expensive the longer they are ignored. One common example is creosote, a residue that builds up when you use your fireplace. It has three stages. The first is a flaky deposit that is easily brushed away. If that is not cleaned it becomes a tar-like substance that can be more challenging and requires special equipment to remove. Last, and most difficult to remove, is the hardened substance it becomes if it is not taken care of at the second stage. Hiring a professional chimney cleaning service may help you catch creosote before it reaches the third stage, which is the most expensive to remove.

3.    Keep your loved ones safe.

Problems such as the build-up of creosote don’t only cost more money to fix later but can actually put your home and loved ones in danger. Blockages in your chimney can cause dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide to enter your home. Furthermore, creosote is highly flammable, so its presence in your chimney can put your home in danger of fire. Only a professional chimney cleaning service can take care of these problems and guarantee that your fireplace is safe for you to use.

The Sootmaster Chimney Cleaning Company provides professional chimney sweep in Tuscaloosa AL. Schedule an appointment today!

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