3 Reasons to Start Buying Wholesale Clothes This Year

by Green S. CEO

2020 is a new year, which of course means new fashion trends! Instead of fretting about spending all sorts of money buying these new styles for your store through retail, you might want to consider buying wholesale clothes instead. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between buying wholesale and buying retail, when you buy wholesale you are buying directly from the source instead of using retail as a sort of middleman (and paying for it). If you are still confused – think about some of the big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Those stores are so successful because they cut out the retail side and sell bulk products directly to consumers. Consumers are then able to save money by buying this way and are willing to pay for access to these great deals! So with this in mind, here are three reasons to start buying wholesale clothes this year: 


You Can Buy More

The first reason why you should start buying wholesale clothes this year is because buying wholesale allows you to buy more clothing because you are getting your clothing at a lower price than you would through retail. In fact, you can literally save thousands of dollars. You can save money on this end, still charge the same price to the customer, and end up with larger profits! By getting more bang for your buck, you can then spend the money that you are saving in other areas of your business like more inventory, staffing, equipment, real estate, etc. Think about how much your business could grow if you were able to offer different items to your customers that you might not be able to offer now. You can expand into new markets and gain new customers as a result. 


You Get Higher Quality

The second reason why you should start buying wholesale clothes this year is because you can actually get higher quality products this way. You might think that cheap prices equals cheap quality but that isn’t true! That’s what we are trained to think because we are used to having to stomach the multiple different levels of markups that you see when buying retail since it has to pass through so many hands before reaching the consumer. Instead, this very fact can also ensure that you end up with quality clothes that haven’t been physically damaged because it has passed through many different hands and different locations. Plus, your customers will be able to tell the quality as well when they see and touch your products and thus will be willing to spend more on it since it will last them a long time. 


You Can Pick and Choose

The final reason why you should start buying wholesale clothes this year is because you can pick and choose from a huge variety of different offerings in order to find things that you really want and will fit well into the overall concept of your store – whatever that may be. Say you buy retail and that retailer only buys ¼ of the things from the manufacturer – you are missing out on ¾ of the other things that they produce that might be exactly what your customers want! By going straight to the source, you are able to see everything that they offer and make the best choices for your store. Plus, when the trends change quickly (as they inevitably do), instead of waiting for the hottest items to go down the chain and reach retail, you can get them quickly through the manufacturer as soon as they hit the shelves! That way you can stay ahead of all of the hottest trends this year. 


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