3 proven benefits of landing pages for businesses

by Lenore C. Writer

A landing page derives its name from the fact that it helps visitors reach or “land on” a specific location that’s optimized to convert them into leads. You can think of a landing page as a funnel for web visitors where they would click on a link mentioned in a source. These sources range from social media posts, emails, direct mails, and pay-per-click ads to full-blown Facebook ad campaigns.

Landing pages are red-hot digital properties whose importance goes way beyond being just a new-age marketing fad. Landing pages, if implemented well, will generate leads for businesses by motivating interested users to call a business or fill a form. As a marketing agency, you know that a landing page is very important for your customers’ business.

To help reconfirm the benefits of a well-optimized landing page, we are listing some of them below. Read on.

Leaving a really good first impression

The first impression matters a lot. To be honest, first impressions can seriously make or break your chances of success. The fact is, many brand prospects are likely to interact with the business’s landing page instead of its website or sales personnel. That means a landing page can be the digital front door of a business. Well-designed landing pages can provide massive value to the visitors and are the most trusted digital outlet for helping any brand kick-start its customer journey.

Generating jaw-dropping conversions and leads

Landing pages will help create way more qualified leads than any other outlet. A well-designed landing page that’s loaded with a very compelling downloadable asset delivers promising results for sure. After all, someone who’s interested in sifting through a 3,000-word IT managed services white paper would be primed to talk. The fact is, swapping contact details for industry-relevant unique insights is a nice trade-off—and this amazing trade-off is made all the more appealing by alluring and relevant business landing pages.

Promoting a new product or a set of product features

Imagine that a business has put the finishing touches on a revolutionary product feature. Adding this new piece of functionality to the software may change the way a business works. Now, the feature will be ready to get incorporated into the overall product platform. But how’d any business tell the world about this new innovation it has achieved in its product space? Well, of course, press releases and social networks are there. But a landing page can help a business position as a market leader. With a well-designed landing page by its side, a business will easily shine a light on its product and features to all the prospects and existing customers.

But does your marketing software have a landing page builder? No, but you may have the expertise of developing a landing page. Because of that expertise alone, you may even think of delivering landing page development as a stand-alone service. But this service would be an extra that won’t be included in your marketing software. If that’s how your business model looks like, then you may witness a massive churn rate. Let’s face it—which of your customers would like to pay for using your marketing software alongside shelling out top dollar for your landing page development services?

The answer lies in having dedicated landing page software with API that can be seamlessly and quickly integrated into your marketing software. The answer lies in the white label landing page builder from Convrrt.

How Convrrt’s white label landing page builder helps?

Convrrt’s white label landing page builder is customized to easily fit in your marketing software. At press time, Convrrt’s landing page builder has been trusted by over 60,000 global customers who have successfully built and hosted over 1 million landing pages.

From having the support for custom themes and typographies to having pre-built custom content blocks to populate landing pages, Convrrt’s landing page builder does it all. Even better, the learning curve of using this landing page builder isn’t all that steep.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your marketing software complete with Convrrt’s landing page builder today. Get a demo of Convrrt white label landing page builder and discover how it can make your marketing software a one-stop destination for your 

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