3 Points to Ponder Upon Before Buying Power Electric WheelChairs For Sale

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It is not possible to remain active throughout your life span. Illnesses, injuries and old age are three factors that restrict your movement sometimes and make you dependent. This is where you need to take the help of assistive mobility devices like power electric wheelchairs available for sale. Immobility for a long duration develops a psychological fear of incapability amongst all generations of people. So, when such people use a wheelchair, it keeps them socially active, alleviates confidence, makes them self-reliant, reduces the chances of UTI or skin infections and above all, increases involvement in the family.

You might say that in the market even manual wheelchairs are present, so why to invest money by buying power or electric wheelchairs for sale. So, the answer is manual wheelchairs are not easy to pull especially by old people. It is necessary to consider factors like freedom of movement with no effort, portable ride and lightweight while choosing a wheelchair. And all these factors are present in the power wheelchairs only. So, now it is clear that you need to pick an electric wheelchair and it is like winning a half battle. Let’s move on to factors need to consider while picking the right power wheelchair as per your requirements.

Factors to Weigh While Picking a Power Wheelchair

Basically, you need to take your decision on the following three factors:

Driving Range: “How far does a user want to travel on a daily basis” is one question directly related with the driving range of the wheelchair. If a user wants to use the wheelchair both indoors and outdoors, it is ideal to look for a high driving range, say 25 KM per charge. In such cases, a person should opt for those wheelchairs which have larger wheels (up to 14 inches) and a large base area to drive safely. For travelling up to 20 KM per charge, choose a wheelchair with larger wheels (12-14 inches) and showing faster driving speed up to 8 miles per hour. In case he wants to use wheelchairs indoor, go for the one with smaller wheels say 10-12 inches and has a tight turning radius.

Choosing the Right Seating System:  Once he has decided the driving range, the seating system of power electric wheelchairs for sale is the next crucial thing to consider. Based on the kind of support he needs, the seating system of the wheelchair is determined. If he is looking for the basic support, the Captain seat is an ideal choice. It is comfortable, absorbs certain degree of shock and reclines little so that a user can reposition himself. If he is looking for a seat with some adjustments, Sling seat is the clear winner. This seat gives an option to use cushions and backrests and even reclines. Such seat is even an ideal choice for those people, who want to reposition themselves without taking any assistance from the caregiver. The most advanced version of the seating system is the Rehab seat. These seats are highly configurable and have excellent positioning features offering the maximum support. People with progressive diseases or special needs should opt for rehab seats. Such kind of electric wheelchairs are highly expensive; therefore it is advisable to buy such power electric wheelchairs from sale.

Selecting Power Function:  Every user cannot change the position of the seat manually. However, it is easy to find automatic wheelchairs with power seat function that easily changes the position of a wheelchair easily and quickly.  Some of the most popular options are power tilt, power seat elevation, power standing, power recline, etc. Every seat has its pros and cons, therefore evaluate all factors carefully before making your final purchase.

It is necessary to highlight the fact that power electric wheelchairs are pricey. Therefore, a buyer needs to consider his requirements carefully before making the purchase. Hence, before buying power electric wheelchairs for sale, get clarity about driving range, seating system and power function. Understand the pros and cons of each option carefully and then make a sound decision. In case you are unable to take any decision, either take the help of a healthcare professional or consult with the company’s spokesperson. The friendly staff members of the company assist customers in the best possible manner by giving them detailed information about each wheelchair.

You can even consider taking these wheelchairs on an affordable rental rate in case you are unable to buy them. Many online stores, who sell these wheelchairs even offer them on rentals to customers. So, make your search today.

When you are planning to buy a power or electric wheelchair, you need to take care of three important factors: driving range, seating system and power seat function. Understand these factors carefully before making your final decision. 

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