3 Innovative Ways to Improve how You Play Golf

by Maggie Bloom Freelance Writer

3 Innovative Ways to Improve How You Play Golf

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According to a report published by CNN Health in February 2020, playing golf once or twice monthly can reduce premature deaths in adults aged 65 and above. President Trump spent over 260 days of his first three years in office in one of his golf clubs, so he has something to smile about; it was not a waste of time!

If you are a golf player, you better keep playing. Here are some three expert tips on how you take your game a notch higher.

1. Work on Your Form

How well you hit the ball depends on your form. Some positions and swings make it difficult to get the best out of your hit. As such, make sure your muscles are relaxed, and you have a light grip on the club. Deep and even breaths can help you keep relaxed.

Your elbow should be close to the hip, to ensure the body drives your arm and the club through the impact. For the right-handed players, it should be the right hand, while left-handed players should have their left hand on to the hip. That way, your hands are not likely to impact the shot negatively.

Anchor your foot firmly on to the ground and keep your body set behind the ball. It should be the foot behind the ball, so if you are a right-handed player, make sure your right foot is behind the ball. Left-handed people will anchor the left foot behind. Ensure you do not lift the foot too soon to avoid losing power and distance.

2. Learn the Golfing Techniques

Golf playing is not about how hard you hit the ball. It is a common misconception, especially for beginners. The best hit, however, doesn’t happen on your first day. It would help if you kept learning the techniques, and this will take time.

You have an array of tools to help you out, including a golf GPS app that helps golfers navigate the yards like a pro. When it comes to hitting, let the club do its work. Take everything easy, and remain in control of your swings. Focus on the middle of the ball and avoid hitting hard. It could end in a ball slice or a fresh air hit.

Ensure to take time before taking the shot and be free from tension. Focus on keeping your swing and the club in control while gathering less power. You can increase the power gradually as you improve your prowess. The practice swings should also not be too many.

Also, do not make a blind shot. Make sure you have it all figured in your mind. Imagine the kind of shot you want to make and how you expect the ball to roll. It helps to keep your mind and body relaxed.

Try to hit the ball in a way that it will have fewer spins. Ensure you do not move forward over the ball as you hit. Also, you can tee it up higher and approach it from an underneath position.

3. Keep in Mind Extra Strategies

Even professionals will not record their best performance with the wrong ball. You want a ball that reaches the farthest point, but neither a too heavy or too light ball will achieve this. All the balls available at the star can play, but not all will take your golfing to the next level.

You can talk to your local sports store employee and ask for more advice about golf balls. The club is equally important, so you need to choose right. There are options for beginners, intermediate players, and the professional level.

A bigger club means there will be higher inertia, but again ensure you do not take one that is too big for your strength. Also, ensure its length allows you the right posture. You can pick from the beginner sets if you are starting, and upgrade as your golfing skills grow.

Practicing on your own is a useful way. However, you may be repeating the same techniques, with no opportunity to learn new moves. It can be so, especially if you keep practicing with the same peers or alone. Consider taking lessons, and more so for beginners. Taking lessons allow you to learn etiquette, technical aspects, and new techniques and become familiar with golfing equipment.

Wrapping Up

As you learn the techniques, it’s essential to work on yourself as well. You may not grasp or apply them appropriately if your body is not fit.

Remember to take everything slow and do not stop if it’s taking too long. Follow our tips, and with time, you could be the golfer you never imagined.

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