3 Indian famous diamonds you should know about

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Diamonds have always captured the imagination of people due to their sheer beauty and implied social status, and India has been the origin for many beautiful jewellery designs and art forms. Connecting the two statements above is the fact that it was the magnificent diamonds once found in the country that attracted jewellery connoisseurs and collectors from around the world.


The mines in India have produced diamonds that have started and ended wars and have been at the source of much contention between parties regarding their ownership. Most of these diamonds ended up being studded in stunning diamond jewellery worn by noted Royal houses and are now displayed in museums.


Hope Diamond

The famous and rumoured to be the cursed diamond gets its name from one of its owners, Henry Phillip Hope and was mined from the Kollur mines in Golconda in the 1600s. Since then, it has changed many hands from monarchs, noblemen and noted jewellers like Winston and Cartier. Once a part of the French Royal Treasury, the diamond is now a part of the display at the Smithsonian Institution and weighs a whopping 45.52 carats. The colour is said to be a brilliant violet and is definitely an attraction for the visitors at the museum.


Koh-i-noor Diamond

Probably the most famous diamond to be mined out of India and also one of the most controversial, the Koh-i-noor diamond is also called the Mountain of Light. Mined from the Kollur mines, it weighed a staggering 186 carats in the 13th century. After the Anglo-Sikh war, the British claimed as it as theirs and it now a part of the Crown jewels of Queen Elizabeth. The diamond is also said to be cursed if worn by a man and has only been worn by women of the British monarchy.


Regent Diamond

Another produce of the Kollur mines in Golconda, the Regent diamond was discovered in 1698 and is also known as the Pitt diamond. The 426-carat stone was first owned by a British governor before becoming the property of the French crown. The stone was known to have exquisite clarity and is truly a sight to behold. It stayed in the French royalty and was later displayed at the Louvre in Paris where it still resides as a part of history.


As we embrace newer trends such as the one to buy diamond jewellery online or buy jewellery online of any kind for that matter, we should not forget the sparkling beauties that were once a part of our land. 

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