3 HVAC Cleaning Tips For The Spring

by Kevin Harris UGI Heating Cooling & Plumbing

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has supported you throughout the winters and now it’s your time for a payback.

Say ‘Thank You’ to your HVAC system by cleaning it well. Doing so will help keep your HVAC spring-ready.

Furthermore, timely maintenance of your HVAC system will ensure its durability, in turn, helping you save on extra expenses.

3 HVAC Cleaning Tips For The Spring

  1. Clean the lids and condenser covers:

Most homeowners cover their condenser coils during the winters. You probably are one of them, and if you are, then you should ensure that these covers are removed now that winter is over.

If you start your system without removing the covers, then the heat will be trapped inside and will limit the airflow. This, in turn, would be detrimental to your system.

We, at UGI HVAC, often hear homeowners complaining about their HVAC systems during spring.

We’ve discovered that their recurrent failure to remove their condenser covers before turning the system on is the reason behind major repairs and even replacement of the whole system in some cases.

2. Inspect the outdoor unit panels:

Unit panels are an integral part of the system, despite being on the outside. They enclose the electrical connections and help keep you and your system protected from any external interference.

The winters can be harsh at times, and your panel may have misaligned or be missing due to the wind.

If you notice either of these scenarios, be sure to have your system enclosed as soon as you can.

This is a must, as having an exposed system could pose safety risks.

Furthermore, in case do not find an alternative to your misplaced panel covering, call a qualified technician before starting your system.

3. Remove debris from the outdoor coil:

You coil might need some cleaning up before having your system turned on.

You might find trash or vegetation around or within the coil, depending on where you live or which side of the house your system is located.

Coils in an HVAC system play an important role of transferring heat, which it might not be able to do so effectively in case of debris deposits.

Be sure to remove any debris from the coil and its surrounding area to have a fully functional coil.

You can make use of a garden hose to wash off any pollen or dust from the coil. However, be careful while doing so as you wouldn’t want to sprinkle on any of the electrical panels.

Moreover, avoid mulching around heat pumps as the space under the unit is required for proper airflow.

Contact a Technician

DIYs are safe as long as you know what you’re doing. However, you might want to save yourself from extra expenses caused by unnecessary damages.

Thus, the safest way of cleaning your HVAC system is having it cleaned by a professional, who will also fine tune it for the spring.

If you’re looking for hvac repair Lehigh Valley, then UGI HVAC is your best bet.

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