3 Essential Oils That Treats Acne Issues Flawlessly

by Dilip Kumar Digital Marketing Head
The world is continuously moving on the path of success due to advancement in science and technology. On one hand, where it is proved to be highly beneficial, the same time it is causing many health-related issues. People, irrespective of the age are facing the issues of chronic acne that can be painful & can lead to horrified breakouts on the face, back, arm and chest. The major reasons for the occurrence of acne are the clogging of pores, excessive production of oil, pollutant, dead skin and much more. It is often seen in teenagers due to change in hormone level, genetics, stressful life and much more. This acne can occur at any part of the neck, face, forehead, chin and so on. To overcome such issues of acne, essential oils are widely used by people. Many Natural Essential Oils suppliers are providing the facility to buy different types of organic and pure essential oils at a reasonable price. 

With the proper use of natural essential oils, such as Lavender, Tea Tree, Clary Sage and others, one can provide protection to the skin from stress and irritation from acne and related issues. Additionally, people can buy natural essential oils from Bulk Natural Essential Oils Exporters and use it for variegated purposes such as alleviating feelings of anxiety, helps in fighting sleep deprivation, insomnia and also helps in balancing hormone level in the body.

It is easy to buy following Natural essential oils at a wholesale price and use it for treating acne that gives an individual a refreshing look:

1. Lavender Essential Oils 

  • Pure Essential oils in India obtained from Lavender flower is widely known to have excellent antioxidant as well as antibacterial properties that show useful effects
  • This marvellous oil helps in nourishing and soothing the skin where it treats skin, reduces dark spots and also helps in healing of the dry skin. 
  • It also helps in reducing the anxiety and stress level that occur due to the breakouts of acne, thereby, helps in improving sleep and also promotes radiant and healthy skin. 
  • When Lavender Oils supplied by authentic Natural Essential Oils suppliers are inhaled, it relaxes body and mind to a large extent.
  • This wonderful organic oil shows a positive result on the nervous system that in turn, helps in decreasing blood pressure, skin’s temperature and heart rate. 
  • During stress, the number of acne gets increased because of higher sebum level and when lavender essential oils are used, it acts as a powerful agent in taking the stress away from the user. 

 2. Tea Tree Essential Oils 

  • It is noticed that essential oils extracted from Tea Tree plant is used widely for treating acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. 
  • This natural essential oil is used for treating both mild and moderate acne effectively. 
  • It is easy to use this oil for treating acne where simply by adding 2-3 drops of this wonderful oil in a cotton ball and applying topically is highly beneficial. 
  • The oil can also be used for washing face on the daily basis or can be filled in the spray bottle that is pre-filled with water and sprayed quickly on body and face. 

3. Clary Sage Essential Oils 

  • This natural oil is high in demand among people that not just acts as a natural treatment for skin irritation and acne but also reduces inflammation of the skin. 
  • It helps in regulating oil production on the skin that is a major reason for acne breakouts. 
  • Surprisingly, the oil helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and reduces stress & anxiety feelings and also supports balance in hormone level. 
  • Cortisols are stress hormone that is mainly responsible for causing acne. On applying Clary Sage oil, the level of cortisol gets reduced that helps to improve the mood of the individual.

These and many other essential oils are easy to buy online from the authentic Essential oils suppliers and be used to fight acne and other skin-related problem in an efficient way. Beside this, it can also be used for keeping beauty, health, and hair in good condition without causing any harmful effect.

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