3 Best Strategies For Your University Preparation

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University preparation is a challenging task. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work and intelligent work. Covering the vast syllabus of your university preparation courses is not an easy task. Also, the competition for admissions is ever-increasing. So you need to be extra careful. Here, we are sharing the 3 best strategies for your university preparation which will help you work smart and enhance your admission chances.

Mnemonic strategies

It is common to have a lot of content to memorize when you are preparing for your university exams. The university preparation programs have many subject materials that can be asked in the exam. In such a context, the mnemonic strategy can be beneficial. You can use them to remember numbers, names, facts, etc. Under this strategy, you need to prepare a short form or meaning. For instance, keyword technique.

Several types of research have shown that mnemonic works effectively. You need to memorize meaningless content to exactly remember the meaningful one. As per psychologist Allan Paiviom, this strategy works effectively because of three factors.

· Double coding

This technique includes using verbal as well as non-verbal quotes. This means you can use images, signs, or signals to remember things while also using words. So the same content gets two different coding patterns inside your brain. That’s why the principle of connectionism stands correct here as per psychology. As a result, students find it easy to learn the material of their university preparation program through this technique.

· Pattern and organization

Our brain loves symmetry and organization. So you create a box and keep the required information in it. So the students get to store the relevant information together, creating a pattern or organization for the brain. So, for instance, you can choose different words if you make one sentence by taking the first letter of each.

· Linking

This creates a link between different points. So when you remember one thing, your brain also recalls the other associated thing.

Structural strategies

This strategy promotes active learning in the students. This means the students must differentiate the information and then group it according to relevancy. This will create a structure. Several learning techniques, like mind maps, conceptual figures, flow charts, outlines, etc., are part of the structural strategy.

However, students must grasp the principles of making such outlines or flow charts. The main concern here arises about deciding to keep something as important information while eradicating the other information. To master this, you need to understand the examination pattern in your university preparation programs.

This method also comprises the concepts of connectionism and organization. Moreover, making such summaries or flow charts allows the student to grasp the topic better. Finally, it also works as a written practice and provides an easy way of revision later.

Generative strategies

Generative strategies help you in inserting the information into the already existing one. The above two mentioned strategies were based upon building the learning information from scratch. These activities include taking notes, underlining, highlighting, etc. This creates a better understanding of a specific topic among the students.

It is also a type of strategy which includes active learning. However, the crux is that students need to know the basics, like how to take notes or how highlight the essential parts.

Some other tips

Above mentioned three strategies could drastically improve the outcome of your university preparation program. So, here we are sharing some more tips.

Mock tests

Always try to do as many mock tests as you can. Set the timer as per the actual exam, and begin your practice. It allows the students to get a gist of the natural and exam while checking their complete preparation. Most university preparation programs also offer a booklet of mock tests and a ranking system.

Study groups

Join different study groups for your respective university preparation course. This allows you to solve better doubt while the discussions between different people give you a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, it is also a good way to network with new people and refresh your brain.

Consistent revision

It is one of the main factors that can determine your university preparation program outcome. The revision helps you remember the data for a longer time. Also, every time you read, the concepts become more apparent in your head.

Regular break or Pomodoro

Our brain can only focus entirely for around 1-hour maximum. That’s why taking frequent breaks during your study is essential. It helps in enhancing your productivity and better focusing your mindset.


University preparation programs can help you in getting your dream university. However, you need to be diligent in your work. You need to work hard as well as be innovative. That’s why above mentioned three strategies- mnemic, structural, and generative strategies can help you. Try to use the scientific approach while preparing your brain to learn a lot of information. 

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