2D Vs. 3D Animation. Which is Better?

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From a marketing and business perspective, an animated video is an efficient approach to reaching your target audience. But the hiccup is that there isn't just one type of animation to choose from.

For the sake of this article, we'll concentrate on 2D and 3D animation, which are both prominent genres of animated marketing and business videos.

When it comes to marketing videos, both kinds of animation have their advocates. However, hiring a video production company in India can assist you better. 

Let's take a look at the elements to think about while determining which choice is ideal for you.

2D animation

A 2D animation is a form of animation that focuses solely on the two-dimensional space i.e., length and breadth of objects and people. It is described using drawings, mostly pencil sketches, that demonstrate the change in the object's location. They're organized in a certain order to provide the impression of continuous motion.

Benefits of 2D animation:

Inexpensive: 2D animation is quite modest comparatively. This is because they are quite simple to produce and consume less time. The level of detail in the design, the design challenges, the length of the video, the voice-over or the soundtrack, and the resources required are the primary cost elements that decide the final price of a 2D video.

Less time-consuming: 2D animations are less complex than 3D animations since they are "flat visuals." As a result, the time required for generating this type of video is quicker. Animated videos may take up to 8 weeks to make, although that schedule may be stretched and expedited to meet deadlines depending on the intricacy.

Easy to modify: Because 2D animations are less complicated to make than 3D animations, upgrading elements afterward if required is easier.

3D animation

A 3D animation is a form of art that entails the development of three-dimensional models and their movements in a digital realm using specialized software by a 3D animation video company. In contrast to 2D, 3D was designed only for computer processing and never existed as pencil designs. Modelling, rigging, anatomical details, and rendering all demand significantly greater focus in 3D animation.

Benefits of 3D animation:

Eye pleasing: The aesthetic appeal of 3D may assist enhance your marketing films and help your target audience understand your main message points.

Perception: Since 3D animation takes place in a three-dimensional space, it allows for more perception in visual narratives. Your creative possibilities are nearly infinite because of the superior technology utilized to produce the 3D images.

Interactivity: Even 3D animations can be recreated for print purposes but additionally, with 3D you can add some interactive options.

In the final verdict, the choice of 2D or 3D depends on the deadline, budget, other resources, cost, etc. If everything is in abundance then 3D definitely offers more benefits over 2D with some complexity, however, you have companies like Motion Matrix Media to streamline video production.

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