2d Secure Payment Gateway for Encompassing High Volume of Profit

by eMerchant Pro High Risk Merchant Account

Why safety and security have become a matter of primary concern for the high-risk merchants? Big and small merchants or entrepreneurs strive hard to fulfil their dream. They set up the basic layout for their foundation; they set up a good looking website, they manage the financial resources, they develop a network of bank associates and the financial squad that are responsible to manage all their finances. When all these things got fixed then you may require it to protect what you have just made. Security is one of the essential aspects in a business and it needs to be considered because many big firms who have invested thousands of dollars in setting up their merchandise and not spend a single penny in securing the sensitive information involved in their business have lost the entire battle in sustaining the business. We at eMerchantPro get you the best 2d secure payment gateway that enables you to receive credit or debit card payments for your merchandise.

You have to take good time in planning what is required to safeguard your business interest. For example- an online merchant who is running an e-commerce business requires that all the essential information of the customer needs to be preserved so that he/she wouldn’t lose the customer. For a merchant, “Customer is God”. And customer requires a reliable payment transaction system that ensures the safety of his/her personal information and transaction relevant information. Hence, the topmost priority for an online merchant is the security feature that comes with the payment gateway.

The different aspects of a Payment Gateway

A merchant account is designed as such as to consider major aspects of your business. There are various features of it that allows you to have higher benefits in terms of customer gain, lead generation, flexible payments; high volume of sales etc. eMerchantPro is one of the best merchant account service providers that will provide you with 2d secure payment gateway for possessing easy and flexible payment transactions. The various features that support the legacy of the merchant account are-

Multiple Currencies Benefits- If you are a merchant looking to involve international currencies such as Dollar, Pounds, Euros etc. for your the business account then it is easily possible with the help of a payment processor. You would be able to attract international customers with the help of it. The customers also have the flexibility to make payment in their own currency.

Resolves Integration Issues- Some processor have complex integration issues and no merchant will ever want to accommodate a processor that is hard to install. A processor needs to be simple with the integration process so that it can smoothly patch up with the other application software for efficient processing. Easy integration and no time installation is the preferred choices of the merchants in case of a payment processor.

Secure Payments: Since the high-risk merchant account business involves so much risk hence to ensure that all the transaction occurring for the business are safe and secure, a payment gateway provides level 1 PCI/DSS security standards. It is highly encrypted data security that is provided for the purposes of data breaches.

Fraud detection Mechanism: A PSP also allows you to detect fraudulent transactions and have the ability to prevent you from huge losses. It is an advanced technology feature that will alert you whenever some fraud or treachery activity goes into your business network.  

Fast and Instant Processing: The processing speed of the processor is fast. You will get bulk of payment transactions done in fractions of seconds. Traditional checks will make you wait for 2 days to transfer the money from one bank to another bank. But with PSP you can make instant transaction though some transactions may get disrupted.

Chargeback Prevention: Usually high-risk industries incur high chargebacks because of the high-risk factor involved. High chargeback would mean more dissatisfied customer. The more you have aggrieved customers your business will become vulnerable. Hence, in order to maintain equilibrium to that merchant needs a chargeback prevention mechanism that will protect your business from falling for high chargebacks.

Different mode of payment: You will have the benefit of having a different mode of payment facility on your website. Customers have the flexibility to make payment with their own mode of payments. Since they have different option available such as Internet banking, UPI, credit or debit card. Now they can make payment using any of them.    

These are some of the features that can help you assist your business in a better way and gets the best result suited for your business.

How to get a secure business account?

There are certain documents that are needed to grab you a merchant account. Though it is not easy to get a payment processor. Since banks or financial institutions want to ensure that you are not associated with any illegal business. Hence, they run a complex process to get to know the nature of your business. Here is the list of some of the documents required to avail you a PSP.

·         Director’s KYC, Government-issued voter ID card, Driving license,

·         3 to 6 months of recent bank statement

·         3 to 6 months of processor statement

·         A void check

·         Chargeback up to 2%

You will get the payment processor in 5 to 7 business days. We at eMerchantPro also provide you with the 24*7 customer support service. Our dedicated experts will take care of all your queries and will assist you throughout the process.


eMerchantPro is one of the prominent payment gateway service providers that is assisting merchants in promoting high-risk merchant account solutions. We provide various services that involve e-check processing, credit card processing, merchant account, ACH payment processing and other related services that will assist you in getting payments for your business. We take into account that every merchant irrespective of its high or low volume size gets the efficient gateway for their business to carry out different business processes. We also provide 2d Secure Payment Gateway services to merchants so that they can have safe and secure transactions.

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