14 Safety Tips Every Parent Should Follow When Using a High Chair

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As a mom, I didn't feel the need to research all of the safety measures while choosing a high chair, as I did with car seats. However, I've subsequently realised how critical it is to understand what characteristics are necessary and how to avoid common accidents. After all, it is something to which we entrust our children's protection on a daily basis.

14 Safety Tips for Using a High Chair

Many things may be done by parents to protect the safety of their children in high chairs. Some are basic precautions to take, while others must be followed while purchasing or securing a high chair.

We've developed a list of 14 safety rules that every parent should follow to guarantee that our children are safe in their high chairs.

1. Assemble everything appropriately.

Make sure your high chair is properly built. This will ensure that all of the manufacturer's safety features are utilised to the fullest extent possible. Check your high chair on a regular basis to ensure that all parts are still functional and safe.

2. Proper positioning.

Place the high chair away from any other potential dangers, like as electrical outlets, sharp items, candles, and so forth. While seated, your child may become very interested, and anything within reach will pique their interest.

3. A secure location.

Ensure that the high chair cannot be readily tipped over. Most high chairs have a locking mechanism, so make sure to use it to ensure that it is secure.

4. Securing straps

Make use of the safety belts, especially the one that runs between their legs. Do not rely just on the tray to keep you seated. The straps will keep your youngster from falling out of the high chair, standing up, or slipping down.

5. Take a step away from the table.

A table or counter should be at least 2 feet away from the high chair. If they can push the high chair against that surface, they might be able to tip it.

6. No youngsters should be left alone.

Due to the risk of falling, choking, or harm, never leave your child unattended in their high chair.

7. Positioning of the footrest

Check to see if the footrest is in the proper place. This is on your high chair to provide optimum support and posture for your child. This allows children to sit properly while eating in order to avoid choking and to promote effective swallowing as well as other developmental abilities.

8. Travel chairs should not be used on a long-term basis.

The sort of chair you choose will have an impact on its safety. You may use a chair that attaches to a table or counter. These types of seats are not intended to be used as permanent high chairs, even though they are wonderful for travel. They have the potential to spread out and lose their safety over time.

9. Keep an eye out for recalls.

The safety procedures, as with any infant product, are continually changing. From one child to the next, many of us use the same high chair. Check to see if your product has any outstanding recalls. This is a simple way to avoid an accident. The most recent recalls can be found at

10. Only eat with it.

Make advantage of the high chair for what it was designed for: eating. Establish this as a habit with clear boundaries; this can help you avoid mishaps caused by the high chair being used for something it wasn't designed for, such as play.

11. There will be no standing.

Allowing your child to stand in their high chair is incredibly dangerous and can result in a variety of injuries.

12. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

After each use, clean the high chair thoroughly. Food and liquid can collect in all the nooks and crevices, breeding mould and creating a hazardous environment for our children.

13. JPMA certification

High chairs are certified safe by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). The JPMA Certified seal will appear on the high chair, the packaging, or the high chair's instruction booklet if it meets the stated criteria. You should check with the JPMA to see if your product has been certified.

14. Establish boundaries.

Set limits for your older children when it comes to using your high chair properly. It's possible that older siblings will wish to "assist" their younger siblings. This may result in injury to themselves or a younger sibling.

The importance of having a high chair for your child cannot be overstated. When utilised properly, they can assist in creating the safest dining environment for your children. When your child is old enough to sit in a high chair, it's critical to know. You can find out by reading the weight and height limitations for the high chair. It's also crucial to remember that being put in a  represents a developmental milestone. Your youngster should be able to sit up without help and have complete neck control. This will help keep your child as safe as possible while seated in a high chair.

Parenting may be stressful, so we put our faith in the things we use to keep our children safe. They do, for the most part. However, in order to create the safest environment possible, we must use them in the correct manner. Hopefully, these basic, straightforward suggestions will help to ensure that this remains the case in the future.

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