12 Things You Need in Your Backpack to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

by Jordan McDowell Content Strategist

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A zombie apocalypse can strike at any time. One wrong experiment or ill-timed acid rainfall, and the world as we know it could change forever. Even if you want to prepare for disasters that are a bit more natural, it’s imperative to have everything you need.

Whether you need to administer first aid to a friend who’s been bitten by one of the undead or if you need to filter clean drinking water as you run for your life, your backpack can be your best friend. Don’t get caught out without the tactical advantages that will ensure your survival. So come on. Let’s outrun some zombies!

A First Aid Kit

First, make sure that there’s a first aid kit in your backpack. You need something more substantial than the standard kit, with a few aspirins, some band-aids, and gauze pads. That’s not going to help anyone when the zombies descend. The better option is to choose a trauma kit that can handle everything — even a nasty bite from a hungry zombie.

A Fortress of Safety

In horror movies, the heroes always find a place to take cover. You need that, too. You can’t necessarily fit it in your backpack, that’s true, but if you have a smartphone or a GPS in that bag, then you better look for the nearest abandoned mall or security fortress. Barricade yourself in seclusion. Don’t let the undead sneak up behind you.

Some Ibuprofen

Running from zombies is a headache. Surviving can take its toll on your body and your mind. It won’t hurt to have some pain relief stowed in your bag. A big bottle of ibuprofen should do the trick. Feel free to share them with your fellow weary travelers. After all, it takes a village to make it through an apocalypse. You can plan better when you’re headache-free, too.

Let There Be Light

Running under the cover of darkness is smart. You never want to draw attention to yourself. Depending on the kind of zombie, they might rely on smell or hearing to hunt — but you don’t want to chance it. You need a light, but rather than flipping on your phone’s flashlight or carrying a heavy, tactical flashlight, consider wearing a headlamp on your travels. You can switch on the light whenever you need it to illuminate the path in front of you, but it’s also convenient to turn it off and cloak yourself in shadows.

A Tactical Weapon

A tactical weapon, however, is a good idea. A Swiss Army knife can serve you well for little jobs. All those gadgets come in handy. To saw through undergrowth, cut rope, or defend yourself against a hungry enemy, however, you may need something more serious. A combat knife is a weapon that’s easy and safe to transport. Make it as big as you like. More importantly, ensure that it’s as sharp as possible.

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A car isn’t always practical during a zombie apocalypse. A tank is helpful but, again, not practical. To get away quickly, start your survival ride on a reliable bike. Traffic jams won’t be able to stop you. That goes for roving groups of the undead, too.


Obviously, water is a must. Stock up before you leave so that you know you have clean bottles or flasks. You need to stay hydrated or else you won’t make it!

And a Safe Way to Drink It

Eventually, you will run out of water. A water purifying system will literally save your life. You don’t know what’s in the water out there. Drinking from a stream could transform you into a ravenous creature or make you sick in another way. Don’t leave the house without a way to purify and filter your H2O.

Food for On-the-Go

Protein bars, freeze-dried rations, bags of trail mix… If it’s easy to eat and nutritious, then it should be in your backpack. There’s no fast food during a zombie apocalypse. You won’t be stopping by 7-11 or McDonald’s, but you need to feed the machine — so stock up!

Sturdy Boots

Who knows what you’ll be running through as you fight to survive? It’s essential to keep your feet dry in the bush. In addition to extra socks in your backpack, bring a sturdy pair of waterproof boots with excellent tread.

Something to Stay Warm

A sleeping bag, a duffle coat, a sweater — these are all items that can help to keep you warm during those terrifying nights. Protect yourself against hypothermia by packing something warm that you can easily transport and keep dry.

The Antidote

Should you happen across the antidote during your endeavor to survive the zombies, grab a few extra vials and store them safely in your backpack — just in case.

In our professional opinion, these are the necessities. What else will you put in your backpack to make it through the apocalypse?

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