12 Life-saver tips for Wedding Photographers

by Snapture Studios Wedding Photography & Cinematography

The wedding is indeed a lifetime celebration. This event is so close to people's heart that people want each and everything of this event grand and memorable. On the same note, a wedding photographer is the one who helps them to do so.

Seeing the importance of wedding in once’ life, the responsibility to capture it meticulous comes onto the shoulders of a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is more than just capturing the event. It is like seizing the life’s true essence for eternity. It demands more effects and dexterity to be perfect and flawless.

While a professional wedding photographer, as we are in Delhi, is aware of its know-how, we are here with some life-saving tips for a wedding photographer. If you are a pre-wedding and wedding photographer than kindly ponder over this article and get that perfect shot clicked. 

 1.Take out time to know the love story that leads to the        marriage

Knowing the couple and their love story will help a pre-wedding and wedding photographer to have a better understanding of what to shoot and how to shoot. Furthermore, it will help the couple to be acquainted with you. It is often seen that people are camera shy and don’t become comfortable to be clicked with a stranger's camera. If you spend some time with the couple before the D-Day, they will be familiar with you and will give the best shot.

1.     2. Create a shot checklist beforehand

You should create a list of shots beforehand to save your neck from last time hassle. The wedding day has a lot to shot. Each and every event is important. But no couple wants to see random pictures in their wedding album. They want to see the most cherished and memorable one that too in a unique way. A tete-e-tete with the couple regarding what they exactly want will help you trim down the efforts.

Mostly, the couple wants to include events like Invitations, key items such as engagement ring, wedding dress, and jewelry, family portrait, the entry of bride and groom, the family’s celebration, the main wedding ceremony, exchanging of vows, décor and so on. Share the list with the couple few days prior and take their approval.

Ask for the suggestion as well as some couples want their wedding album more unique. Few couples want to include their dressing up for the day as well while other wants to incorporate the post-wedding ceremonies like new bride entering the house as well. So, create a list with the consent of the couple in advance.

1.      Call for the assistance

A wedding takes a whole village to do the arrangement then how can you handle all the details alone. Call for the professional help in no second.

1.      Visit the venue in prior

It will help you to have a better understanding of the need for special help. Few venues may not have the right amount of light, while others might be too glowing. Visit the venue and gauge yourself over such details.

1.      Take the right gear

Wedding photography is something that has to capture from each angle. Zoom or focus, bright or light, Aspect ratio or burst mode, portrait or still, wedding photography takes it all. So, carry the right type of camera which can capture all the moment without blurring and haziness.

    Don’t mind telling “No” or “Side Please”

Ohh!! Imagine you want to capture the exchanging of vows of the couple but the place it acquired by near and dear ones as they are also excited about the wedding. What would you do? Be bold and tell them to get aside. Yes. You have to bold with a sense of firmness. 

1.      Shot everything but don’t take your eyes off the couple

Because it’s their day!  While so much is happening around you, stay focus is the key. Don’t ever lose your focus from the couple as no couple wants to have a wedding album which features everyone at their best and them in plain poses. 

1.      Don’t overlook the power of continuous shooting mode

Continuous shooting mode is your most apt tool while shooting a wedding. It will help to capture all those informal and unplanned shots which really look mesmerizing. The mode capture the real moments.

1.      Be on your toes

The wedding day is highly eventful and you can’t afford to miss a single shot. As they say, the best of lives comes without prior notice; the same is for the photography as well. The best of shots are always unplanned. So, be on your toes to capture the best shot.

2.      Don’t try to plan all your shots

Yes, some unplanned shots are also required like a bride struggling hard to handle her heavy wedding dress, a father trying hard to stop his tears and groom who can’t stop to take the love of his life into his arms. They all are not perfect and planned but trust us you won’t regret capturing them.

3.      Prepare yourself for the last minute demand


Though prior preparation is highly demanded, a wedding photographer should always be prepared for untimely and last minute demand like couple friend or family member also want to do mini wedding shot or the family demands for the full family photo shot. So, you should always come prepared for these last-minute demands.

4.      Each marriage is unique and is a golden opportunity to learn

No two marriages are similar. They might look same from the surface but in reality, each marriage is different. Alongside, they proffer you a lot to learn. Mark each detail, what you did extra, how to managed last time hassle and various other details. This list will enhance your experience.

A wedding is a celebration of the life and you are also a part of it. So, try to find fun in your work as well. If you do so, the tedious wedding shooting will become more effortless. If you are comfortable then only you can make other conformable will be able to capture the best shot.

Happy shooting…. And if you are Wedding Photographer in Delhi or searching for the one near your area, let’s meet at Snapture Studios.

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