12 Bad Effects Of Playing Too Many Sports And Games

by Gert Erdmann Project Manager

These days as most of the kids are busy playing video games, outdoor sports for a long time that have a very adverse effect on their health. Most parents stop their children to play outside in summers or even in a sunny day because they know that preventing their children to play in the type of days will stop them from getting ill. There are a lot of bad effects that are related to games if played for a long time. These given below side effects should be carefully analyzed by the parents and prevent their children from playing for too long periods. Below are the given side effects that are encountered while playing too many sports and games-

  •  Starting early-

Its seen in many families that parents put their kids in sport or some type of activity like video games in their early stage of life. As some kids learn by themselves in their adolescent age which later on brings problems in their life like tiredness, illness, fatigue, stress etc. So, it is always recommended for children not to start playing any games for too long in their early age.

  •  Aggression in teens-

One of the effects of games is increased aggression in children. Aggression becomes the cause of mental illness. They get used to it and so only it becomes their habit to be aggressive on everybody without any reason. Therefore parents should prevent their children from playing games for too long in a day or otherwise should reduce the time period of their playing.

  •  Addiction to gaming-

Some of the teens get addicted to online gaming very easily like PUBG, Clash Of Clan, Milli militia etc., these are some games which is being targeted to the youth of today. Children are addicted to these games that much that they forget to have their food also. These addicted games make them prone to various illness causing diseases like lack of sleep, anxiety, fear of losing someone, always wanted to spend time alone.

  • Poor academic performance-

This is one of the side effects of playing online gaming. Playing video games for too long can disturb one’s mind and also affect physical wellness. Studies have shown that a higher amount of time spends on playing online or video games have lower the academic performance of an individual.

  •  Adverse effects on health-

Excessive gaming has an adverse effect on teens health. Children skip their meals just because to continue their games. This will affect the childhood obesity. The constant glare on the screen can also affect their eyesight too in the long run.

  •  A heart can fail-

According to the CNN report, a man in an internet café was found dead as he is playing games continuously for three days. His cause of death is the cardiac failure, which is due to utter exhaustion from lack of sleep. Staying awake for days can put you on the extreme strain on your body, and if you have poor health then it will affect your heart as well.

  •  Cause of lower back pain-

A study revealed lower back pain in children due to watching movies, playing games and outdoor sports on a sunny day. These are the few reasons which can bring pain in your lower back. A study shows that children with lower back pain reported being more tired, less happy and worse sleepers.

  • Eyes damage-

It is not ordinary that watching TV or playing games for too long is not good for your eyes. The disease-related with this is computer vision syndrome(CVS), it is the condition affects those who spend hours on the screens. It can cause a lot of problems like eyes strain and eye pain.

  •  It can alter brain power-

A study published in Translational Psychiatry shows that gaming for long periods might alter your brain. Frequent gaming can bring the lot of stress, depression, anxiety, fear etc, these are the few effects which can reduce brain power and prevent it from seeing the positive side of the coin of life. Too much gaming stops you from doing day to day task instead indulge you in mindless games.

  •  Increase addiction levels-

Too much gaming will bring curiosity to explore the game more. The more you will explore it the more addicted you will become because as the game continues, new levels are opened and you become more curious to know about the other level of the game. So, it is suggested that reduce the number of hours of playing games. It can be reduced when you will know about strange myths in the sports.

  •  It can bring you obesity-

The more you play game lying on a bed, the more fat on your stomach you will gain. Sitting for hours on a couch with a minimal movement can bring health issues associated with obesity.

  •  Strain injuries-

Even if one takes a break in playing games but still some person got injuries from game controllers. As most of the controllers basically thumb is used the most irrespective of the others fingers, because of it hand fingers are getting pained. Not even fingers but also forearm, elbows depending upon the playing style of the person.

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