11 Best & Affordable Gadgets for Smart Home: Upgrade Your Residence

by Harris Javed SEO Analyist

11 Best & Affordable Gadgets for Smart Home: Upgrade Your Residence

In today's world, the rise of technology brings our homes smart enough that they started sensing and working intelligently. The involvement of technologies like Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Internet of things (IoT) produced an effective layer of smart devices or gadgets that are widely used in residential as well as commercial places like Homes, Offices, Apartments, and Buildings. 

Do you Wanna know about the most fascinating smart devices and gadgets that can turn your simple home into a smarter one. So, read this article carefully, in this article, I am Gonne give you information about the latest smart devices and gadgets for your home.

11 Best Gadgets for Smart homes and apartments:

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Google Assistant

  • Samsung Smart things Hub

  • TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

  • EZVIZ Mini O

  • Thermopeanut smart Bluetooth thermometer

  • Philips Hue smart LED bulbs series

  • Belkin WeMo light switch

  • Amazon Fire TV stick

  • Elgato Eve Door and Window

  • Emberlight Socket

Let's understand all of them in brief or detail.

  1. Amazon Alexa: The first smart device under the digital gadgets category is the virtual assistant of Amazon i.e. Amazon Alexa. It is a digital music player that smartly sense all the surroundings and act accordingly in a smarter way. Alexa is likely used in an eco speaker. Amazon Alexa can effectively make every aspect of your home very accessible, easy and turned your home into a smart home. By using you can easily find all your necessary things by simply speaking your lost things, even you can millions of songs and videos by simply speaking your favorite song or movie name. This digital device helps you a lot and makes your home fresh and good looking.

  1. Google Assistant: The second one in this list is google assistant and it is the largest smart assistant machine that is used all across the globe. If there is any runner up for Amazon Alexa, it's google assistant. These smart assistants help to create the smartness in your home and outsiders may feel its real. This assistant can be used by an active internet connection. They can also interrogate from most of the major brands like Philips, Belkin, Nest and many more.

  1. Samsung Smart things Hub: The Samsung system unite together and launched a large-scale smart device for houses and offices. It may include digital thermostats, Wi-Fi router, lightbulbs and security systems. The end users can effectively gain access over smart devices and make your homes and apartments smart. The major advantage of these smart devices is that it activates on Android and iOS platforms so you can easily control your home under a single application.

  1. Philips Hue Lighting: Lighting nowadays makes our homes glorious and beautiful, but when these lighting turned into a smart led lighting then this will make your home smarter. The exotic range of smart LED bulbs makes your homes and apartments beautiful. The color texture is excellent that may fit under any ceiling.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick: Almost any Television set available in the market are flat, and some of them have the feature of smartness or supported by Android systems that are connected directly to the online video streaming services and lots more. But Amazon introduced Fire TV stick that simply fits into the HDMI port of a simple LED TV and is uses a WI-FI connection to use. By the use of Amazon Fire TV stick, you can simply turn your TV into a smart TV and enjoy all the web series or other movies in Ultra HD quality (1080p) and have fun. It can also play music from Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Ganna.

  1. Ember light Socket: Every existing light bulb varies from 20W to 100W, the ember light socket range is fast, quick and easy to use a device that has Bluetooth and WIFI compatibility, this means that you can control these Bulbs from anywhere around your home. It also supports Android apps and if you simply use one socket, you can simply group multiple LED bulbs and create a present mood.

  1. Elegant Eve Door and Window: You can make your home smarter by simply installing some important security parameters of Elegant Eve. This is a security parameter that can allow you to control your home door as well as bedroom door from your smartphone by installing the IOS app of Elegato eve to receive the push and pop notifications. The contact sensor can also consider as a part of home automation.

  1. Belkin WeMo Light Switch: Without a switch, nothing can operate in your home as well as office and apartment. Smart switches are introduced to get rid of manual switching solutions. Belkin WeMo Light Switch is an example of a smart switch that can be controlled via an Android and IOS app.

  1. Bluetooth Thermometer: The small and smart thermometer is a greater way to measure the overall temperature of your home. It has the capability of sensing the temperature effectively and smartly. WIFI connectivity makes this thermometer smart enough.

  1. TP-Link Smart Plug Mini: The smart plugs are also an appropriate way to bring new technology into your home. It can be controlled by IOS and Android that can reduce your home budget. You can automatically schedule the on & Off timing of the switch and the switch can be turned off easily without any human intervention.

  2. Eviz Mini O: It is the smart security system that can be used for keeping an eye on your house. It is a digital CCTV cam that can be used for measuring all the activities in your home and office. Due to its smartness, it can be easily controlled by your mobile and tablets and It can provide motion alerts on to your smartphones.

These are some smart gadgets that can be used to make smart homes.

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