10 Ways to Take Your Business Ahead with Mobile App development

by Rob Johnson Passionate Blogger

Mobile devices are the devices which are the most used electronic devices in this era. By this we can understand quite clear that this is the greatest platform for any business to grow on. Today almost every task is managed through mobile applications. Applications avail the opportunities to grow business of every size. We can see the importance of mobile apps through ourselves that we stick to the mobile since morning to sleeping.

This is the noteworthy that people has alternated their ways to connect with business for their requirement. In the generation of internet, many revolutions have affected businesses but the mobile apps impacted most.

In this revolutionary era, customer wants everything on their mobile and wants to stay at finger touch distance only. Almost every company needs mobile application to grow their revenue.

Here are 10 ways which will surely help to improve business growth.

  • Access to Services Instantly: As we know the scenario, that people like to use everything on their mobile and need access to all services from their fingertips. So having mobile application for your business will be quite beneficial. According the Statista, in 2016 there 149.3 billion downloads and it is expected to be 352.9 billion by 2021. So if you don’t have mobile app then get developed it as soon as possible, because every minute you are losing business.


  • Cross Platform App: There are many mobile platforms in the market and you must have realized that mostly user are of Android and then iOS. Android is the cheaper one and sold most in the history till now and iOS is costly and but people really like it a lot. So if you want to beat the competitors in the market then make the cross platform app rather than single platform based.

  • ASO (APP STORE OPTIMIZATION): App Store Optimization is the process optimizing the app by doing basic changes in Application screen shots, Title, Description and many other activities. So Many Mobile users get to know about your application while they search for the particular keywords. If you still have not understood the meaning of ASO then you must have heard about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In SEO we make changes in site title, Meta description, and heading tag and many more activities which is related to website search result improvement. This way we also improve the application visibility in App Store. There will also be increment in downloads and which would directly improve the revenue.

  • Branding: Branding means, make your application and business popular. You can improve brand recognition by many tasks. People do believe them who they have heard, seen somewhere means brand. To make your business brand there are some certain which can be probably useful. Make your app logo simple and meaning full so that it relates to core purpose of business. Run the paid campaigns on other similar category mobile applications. Promote on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.Branding engages customers with your business.

  • Instant Mobile App: Mobile Application should be quite instantly responding. When a customer opens the mobile app then his/her desires are to get things done promptly. So you better go for native applications rather than hybrid because they load quicker than hybrid. It has been noticed that if an application is slow or not fast enough to load, then user get rid of these kinds of apps.

  • Customer Support: Mobile Applications bring you the business which you desire. Many times customer stuck at some point while using the application. So they need to be assisted real time which will improve app publicity by mouth. Customer support is the feature people look for whenever they stuck in a situation while using application so this way you can help them out and convert a lead into conversion.This way you care your customer better and it will directly increase downloads of mobile app.

  • Data Security: You need to make sure your customer that while using your application their data is completely secure. Some users are very conscious when any applicationasks for access in their data. There are many things which are personal and important for the users and do not want to disclose anyone but for the sake application use they provide information and access. So you need to define that their data is secure and safe.

  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are important these days to enhance your business growth. According to a case study, more than 80% customers like to buy only those products which have reviews (Positive). Managing the reviews can increase the mobile app download because reviews leave a great impression on the consumer.

  • Payment: Payment through mobile applications is major feature which accept the payments from different methods. If you accept payments then you need to accept payment through all major payment methods like credit card, debit card, internet banking and E-wallets. Online Payment is also an important concern of customers. Many customers still hesitate to perform online transfers, buying through new site, so branding can be so helpful for business recognition and build trust.

  • Monitor insight on user: This is the last but not the least. Keep your sight on the users behavior and learn how what points need improvement and try to find that why people are leaving from a certain point. User insight monitoring has been proved the great way to increase ROI (Return of Investment).


Conclusion: There are number of mobile application developers India, but before hiring them go for an interview and ask about all queries you have. Points given above are important for the purpose of application and business as well.


We discussed that what features can be key features for the application which will absolutely improve app performance and revenue as well.

I hope these 10 points will help you to understand the sole purpose of article and help you decide for application development. 

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