10 Ways to Help Your Employees Be More Productive

by Edward Bailey Digital Marketing Specialist

Employees are the most valuable assets a company has. Managers know that the success of a business depends on the priorities, resources, and productivity of employees. Business owners need to provide a favorable environment for their employees. This will allow them fulfill their tasks efficiently.

Recruitment is a very important exercise. It gives you a chance to select and choose among the best people who are fit for the job. But productivity does not depend on someone’s ability to complete a given task. Human performance depends on many other factors such as an individual’s emotions, motivation, willingness and space, as well as the opportunity to work on and complete a given task.

As a businessperson, you should have clear guidelines and priorities to constantly improve your employees’ productivity. For the best productivity, you should adopt some unique office practices that make people work better. Here are 10 unique ways to keep your taskforce always ready for the next job.

Conducive Working Environment

You should maintain a very comfortable and presentable workplace design. For the body to work efficiently, the brain must be comfortable, settled, alert, and free of distractions. A beautiful working area with quality and clean air, favorable temperature, adequate lighting, clean environmental conditions, an organized setting, good food and beverages and an open space for free movement, are some of the conditions that will ease the body and the mind of your employees. They will have a chance to concentrate on their work fully with limited distractions. These are the optimum conditions for the efficient and effective functioning of the body and the brain which will lead to more productivity.

Delegation of Tasks

Give specific responsibilities to qualified employees and match given tasks to employee skills. Employees will perform best at what they are already good at. Assigning a specific task to someone who is familiar with it will enable that person to perform it faster and even come up with more ideas and methods to complete the task efficiently. A person should be best suited to perform the task at hand. This is essential to maximize efficiency.

Call for Responsibility

Encourage selfish thinking and accountability for every employee’s decisions and actions, and avoid micromanagement. In order to maximize productivity, you should be open to ideas. You should encourage your employees to make decisions and come up with projects and ideas that can achieve your goals and objectives. Making your employees aware that they are responsible for all their decisions and actions will help them work more meticulously and cautiously and avoid reckless decision-making. This will make them more open-minded when completing specific jobs.

Sufficient Resources

Use various tools and equipment that will raise your business productivity. Make sure you always keep up with technology. An efficient workplace should have the best equipment and machinery. You should adopt electronic equipment and reduce paperwork where possible or necessary. Technological tools plus relevant skills will enable your employees to produce error- free results within the shortest time possible.

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Establish Trust

Foster transparency and communication, and build trust among your employees. By being transparent and sharing relevant information with your employees, you will give them a sense of involvement. You can trust them with some confidential information to build trust. Open communication among each other will increase the alignment of your organization, and you will be able to work together towards a common goal. This will give them a reason to follow specific guidelines and orders when performing various tasks.

Power to Choose

Allow your employees to select projects they would like to work on. All employees have different skills, experience and knowledge. Allowing your employees to choose the tasks they want to work on will enable them to embark on some challenges they are comfortable with or have some background information on. So they will use their strengths willingly and complete the tasks more productively.

Set Goals

Demand realistic targets and keep your goals clear and focused. As a business owner, you will have some set goals or objectives that you plan to achieve in a certain timeframe. Your objectives should be reasonable and achievable to your employees according to their tasks. You should periodically go over business goals with your employees and redefine them so that all of you have a common focus.

Provide Training

Train your employees, and focus on magnifying their strengths. Take time to teach your employees what you expect from them when you assign them certain duties. This will save you a lot of time that they would otherwise have wasted doing the wrong things. You should also focus on developing their strengths so that they can advance and attain higher levels. By developing your team and teaching them new skills, you will have a well-rounded task force for optimum productivity.

Maximize Technology

Develop and embrace telecommuting. With the help of the ever-improving technology, people can perform various tasks anywhere, at any time. Allowing your employees to work from other places away from the offices and workplace is a very good way of saving some valuable time. Even though you cannot watch and monitor them, you can still rate their productivity from the tasks they complete. Studies show that people who work from home are 13 percent more productive than the ordinary office staff. You will also save a lot of time in case an employee is held up with some personal inconveniences or calls in sick. They can work on some tasks wherever they are.

Promote Fun at Work

Think big, have fun while at work and provide your employees with opportunities that will benefit both the company and them. People work so that they can raise their standards; as your employees work, provide them with opportunities to grow. Encourage their ideas and fund their innovations. You should also reward them and give them incentives to show appreciation for a job well done.

Every business owner should aim at attaining the best employee productivity. This will give you the output from all of your employees’ efforts. Using the correct strategies and motivation, and providing opportunities to your employees, are the keys to attaining the highest possible level of productivity. Using these simple steps, you will be able to prioritize quality, make your employees work better and get your tasks completed efficiently with quality standards.

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