10 Tools And Resources to Help Leaders Write With Authority

by Robert Morris Writer
As a leader, it’s important that you write with clarity and authority. If you’re a natural writer, then awesome! If you need a little help in the writing department, use these tools and resources to write clearly so you’ll have the biggest impact.

1. Blank Page

If you know you need to write, but you’re prone to getting distracted, you might want to sign up for Blank Page. The website eliminates everything else on your screen so you can focus completely on your topic and your words. When you’re distracted, you’re more likely to let little mistakes slide.

2. WritePLS

WritePLS is a curated collection of articles that will teach you to write better. Topics range from writing more powerful emails to the anatomy of the perfect blog post.

3. Custom Writing Services

Essay writing service can take over the writing process for you. If you want to spend your time leading (not writing), but you have to create a lot of content, writing services can get to know your voice and produce blog posts, articles, memos, etc. that sound like they were written by you. You can choose the writing services in Google or look for the best writing services reviews to find the best company.

4. Hanx Writer

Hanx Writer (developed by Tom Hanks) lets you type on your iPhone or iPad. If simplicity is your thing, or you want to take it back a few decades to a time long gone, Hanx Writer might be just what you’re looking for.

5. Hemingway Editor

It’s tempting to write long sentences with a robust vocabulary. After all, you’re the leader. You want people to know you know what you’re talking about. But writing long, complicated sentences just makes it look like you didn’t know how to get to your point. Hemingway was the king of short, clear sentences. Hemingway Editor will scan your writing and point out any sentences that are too long or wordy.

6. Papers Gear

Papers Gear is a custom writing service. If you don’t want to hire them to do all of your writing, you can still take advantage of their editing, proofreading, and formatting services.

7. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Your headline is arguably the most important part of your article or blog post. Without a great title, it doesn’t matter if you wrote the next Harry Potter series: nobody will read it. CoSchedule will analyze your headline and give you a score between 1-100. The higher the score, the more sharable and enticing the headline is. Keep rewriting the title until you get a high score.

8. PlagTracker

Imagine posting a great article and then realizing part of it was plagiarized! This can happen unintentionally when you have a lot of competitors saying basically the same thing in their advertising and messaging. Avoid it completely by running your content through PlagTracker.

9. Yoast

SEO matter when you’re posting online. Not only do they right keywords help you get noticed by Google, but they also align you with your target market and make you sound like an authority figure in your niche. Yoast will help you optimize the SEO of everything you write.

10. Line by Line

Wrapping up this list is Line by Line, a book by Claire Kehrwald Cook. One of the biggest challenges for writers, even the most talented writers, is editing their own work. Line by Line teachers leaders how to effectively edit their own writing so their message comes across as clear as possible.

You know how important it is for you to write with clarity and authority. These tools will help you get your message across as effectively as possible. Good luck!

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