10 Speed Reading Apps on Android

by Joel Stewert Web Developer

The world is full of content. But the time to read it all is so less. Reading faster can certainly help you in this situation. If you wish, you can try practice reading fast with a stopwatch. However, it will certainly not help you in getting any better.

So what to do?

Why don't you try using some speed reading applications? Here in this post, we will introduce best speed reading apps for your Android smartphones. With the help of these mobile apps, you can easily work on your reading speed. In addition to that, there are probable chances that you will improve by regularly practising.

So, without further ado, let's get you started,

1. A Faster Reader

Before we jump into the feature of this mind-boggling app, let's understand few jargons. RSVP!!! Never heard of it? No problem. RSVP is an acronym for Rapid Serial Visual Representation.

A Faster Reader mobile app uses RSVP methodology. In this method, the words rapidly flash on the screen which will assist you in reading at increased speed everytime you read. The best part of this app is that it is highly compatible with various reading services such as Feedly and Zile. In the free version of this app, you can read up to the speed of 350 wpm (words per minute). The premium version is free of any limitations.

2. Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer is actually known for its comprehension reading techniques rather than speed reading practices. However, the speed reading technique of this tool is very effective and efficient. With this Android App Development, you will not only gain speed of reading naturally but also understanding the meaning.

There is a downside to the famous RSVP method. When someone read something with this method, they tend to lack the stimulus to identify similar phrases and contexts. This is the major reason, Reading Trainer is at number two on this list. Play the interactive mini-games in the app and increase your reading speed notably.

3. Speed Read With Spritz

Android phones use a simple feature which is commonly known to us as "Text To Speech". Speed Read With Spritz uses this feature of Android devices to increase your reading speed. All you require is a reader which supports TTS feature. Speed Read with Spritz, however, needs you to be online all the time. Speed Read supports functioning with Google Play Books, Pocket, Moon+, and other reader apps.

4. ReadMe!

ReadMe! Is developed as an ebook reader with all the basic features of an efficient doc file/pdf file reader. It is developed for both the mobile platforms iOS and Android. With the ReadMe speed read mode, you can read faster. It makes use of famous RSVP technology with colour coding method. It will highlight potentially easy and understandable words for you to recognize. It is also developed by Spritz (Like the previous one). It is free for the subscribers of Speed Read. You can set it in offline mode to read docs and pdf. This is the huge plus in this mobile app.

5. Speed Reader

Speed reader mobile app is free of cost. It is one of the most customizable text readers on the list. You can easily customize the option to choose the number of words you want in a minute to appear on the screen. You can also choose variant font size as well. It might not be perfect for novel reading though. Still, you can easily work out on your reading speed with this android application.

6. Reedy

Reedy believe that there is no special training required for you to read twice or even thrice your normal reading speed. Some of the iOS reading apps such as Outread and Accelerator apps are similar to Reedy. There was this isconception that iOS reader apps are always better than android reader apps. Reedy crushes this misconception. Themes are quite fantastic and the interface is nominal. It is very easy to switch between the speed reading mode and normal reading mode.

7. Readsy

Readsy is a web-based application but is efficiently functional with the android device. You can access it easily with Google Chrome application. There is no download or signup required. Simply just upload the TXT file or copy paste the text. You can also customize the word per minute rate. For the android reader, it is very easy and hassle-free.

8. Wear Reader 

Do you have an Android wear like a watch? No worries, if you want to improve your reading to through Android wear, Wear Reader is the perfect match for you. Simply attach the text to your android smartphone and then connect your wear to the phone. There are different modes of Wear Reader. For speed reading, select the speed reading mode, customize the words per minute, and there you go. It also includes rewind functionality if you miss any of the phrases.

9. Balto Speed Reading

Balto Speed Reading app may be in the #9 spot but it is one of the best in speed reading apps. The first thing about Balto speed reading is it supports over 15 type of doc extensions. Second, it fully supports 10+ third-party Apps such as Kindle and Dropbox. Also, it comes in 9 languages including German and Turkish (English is obvious). It has many customisable features and it makes use of RSVP method. You can either upload the doc manually or you can directly connect it to your third party app. In short, a fully featured app to enhance your reading speed.

10. My Speed Reading Machine

My Speed Reading Machine developers believed that reading quickly totally depends on how we comprehend the information. It is fully customizable and the major feature is it shows only one word at a time. This helps you to read it comfortably. You are free to apply all type of context you want to apply. This harness you comprehension skills which later result in reading speedily.

Over To You

So, these are the best Speed reading apps for your Android device. Here's the list if you need it,

  •  A Faster Reader
  •  Reading Trainer
  •  Speed Read With Spritz
  •  ReadMe!
  •  Speed Reader
  •  Reedy
  •  Readsy
  •  Wear Reader
  •  Balto Speed Reading
  •  My Speed Reading Machine

If you want to hire android app developer visit us today and Let me know your thoughts about Android Application in the comments section. 

Till then, take a good read. Adios!

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